How to Edit Photos for Instagram

Many people like to share their photos on the popular photo sharing social media network, Instagram. Instagram is not only used by people to share their favorite pictures but many small and large businesses have made use of Instagram for marketing purposes. If you want people to like your photo on Instagram, you must make sure that it is without any noticeable flaw that can give people reasons to think that you are unprofessional.


These flaws can usually be fixed with a photo editor software such as Movavi Photo Editor. People who create photos for posting on Instagram as their full time jobs will find Movavi Photo Editor helpful. It is important to use a high quality photo for editing if you want to get the best result.  Editing a great photo with Movavi Photo Editor can help you to make you one step nearer to your goal of achieving the large amount of followers that you have dream of. Movavi Photo Editor may not be a fancy editor but it provides an adequate range of basic tools to edit pictures.

Movavi Photo Editor offers an efficient basic image enhancement tool. You will be able to adjust the color tones of the photo by adjusting the saturation, and brightness. The image enhancement tool can add a fresh and clean look on your photo. Classic photo editing tools such as crop, rotate and leveling are available in Movavi Photo Editor. There is no way to focus the enhancement on a certain part of the photo. The basic image enhancements are controlled by sliders.

As you drag the slider further and further, the photo will be more and more enhanced. If you drag the slider to the middle, you will achieve a balance image enhancement. You can use the basic enhancement tools to make the details in the photo look more vivid. Movavi Photo Editor offers a wide range of filters such as dramatic, grayscale, and sepia. You can play around these cool filters to see if they help to enhance your Instagram photos.

The object removal tool is useful for removing any obstacle that take away people’s attention on the main subjects. If you spot an object that you feel is spoiling your photo, you can go to the Object Removal tab and mark it with the red brush tool to erase it. The background removal tool is another wonderful tool for editing Instagram photos.

With the background removal tool, you can crop out certain subjects in the photo and fill these blank spaces with a solid color. The black spaces can also be filled other photos of your choice. When you have finished editing the photo, you can click the Export button to save it on your computer.

It only take a small amount of time to use Movavi Photo Editor to tweak the photo and make it look more attractive. Once you have saved the photo on your computer, you can launch the Instagram app and upload it by clicking on the camera icon.

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