How do children become victims of crimes?

In accordance with the Law on Justice for Children, the State Council for Prevention of Child delinquency is obliged to prepare an annual report on its work and on the situation in the field of children rights and child delinquency in very country. Involving all relevant institutions provided in the system of justice for children and the improvement of mutual cooperation for greater efficiency in the application of procedures towards children stipulated in the Law on Justice for Children every country must be able to protect children from any kind of abuse.


State Council stresses the need to develop and implement prevention programs and interactive activities to overcome the possible violence among students, improve the working conditions of children placed in institutions and educational and correctional institutions, providing primary and secondary education to children in schools for children and medical treatment of children who are drug users. The Council adds that it is necessary to respect the child’s right to an attorney in police procedure and the right to a lawyer and free legal assistance of the Centre for Social Work through the establishment of cooperation of these institutions with the Bar Association of the country.

Children victims of crimes

In 2014 the social work centers registered an increased number of child victims, of which 46% are male and 54% are female children. The number of child victims is not getting lower. is here to help if your child needs legal help That is a reason for every government to do something about this, and protect children from becoming criminals

Children in conflict with the law

The analysis shows that the total number of children who have been called to come to the police station is huge, although it is different in different countries. A certain number of children is reported as for which there are grounds for suspicion that they have committed acts which are considered as criminal offenses by law.

One reason for the increased number of children at risk is the bad implementation of the Law on Justice for Children, which should be replaced by a better recognition and early identification of children at risk by schools, police, prosecution and other institutions working with children, which reflects the growing number of notifications made to the centers.

Sometimes the right of the child to conduct a conversation in separate rooms in the police station and the child’s right to an attorney in police procedure is not respected.Also the child’s right to a lawyer at the police station and the right to free legal aid center for social work is not respected either.

The procedure for recognition of responsibility must properly be conducted. Every children must get a security measure, an alternative measure or a sentence with protective supervision and community service. Children must be protected and taught how to become better citizens and responsible human beings.

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