How and Why the Fast Food Culture Has Caught on All over the World

Fast food franchises have spread like wildfire all over the world, but the true and rightful epicenter to this incredible culture is the United States itself, which welcomed fast food joints, restaurants, and drive-through. Fast food itself is universally loved for several reasons, and the most popular chains earn billions of dollars annually. Studies from prominent universities and journals unequivocally declare America as the largest market for fast food in the entire world, with millions of pounds of hamburgers and fries sold each day. On average, the American citizen consumes four orders of fries and three hamburgers weekly- a statistic truly deserving of the title of the “Fast Food Nation”!


The taste and quickness of service have always been plus points in favor of fast food chains but the key to their success also lies in solid advertising and marketing strategies, and very effective pricing.  

Fast Food Is Super-Affordable

Fast food is probably the cheapest culinary treat you can get yourself at any restaurant near you, which makes it incredibly attractive to diners. To get a ton of tasty food in a full-fledged fun restaurant experience for a fraction of what you would have to pay elsewhere is always going to be a tremendously attractive proposition, especially for families and large groups. There are “value meals” provided by a number of these chains, which cost less than a dollar and work wonders to reel in budget-conscious customers.

As Convenient As It Gets

Fast food chains are incredibly accessible. You’ll find one joint on every corner, waiting for you to come in and get a meal. Beyond that, time is at a premium these days, and cooking or even enjoying leisurely meals at great restaurants is getting more and more difficult. In such an age, any chain which churns out food incredibly fast is celebrated and welcomed with open arms. You could walk in, place your order, grab a bag of food and get going, or maybe even drive by and pick up your order without leaving your car.

Great Taste

Fast food is almost always an indulgence or a guilty pleasure because the first thing which comes to mind on hearing the term is a mountain of French fries, bacon, and a king-sized burger. They are tasty as well as incredibly heavy, thus becoming a win-win for you.

Astute Fast Food Marketing

A shrewd marketing strategy has contributed to the success of these fast food chains in a big way. Why do you think that fast food chains are all over the place? Surely this is a smart marketing policy. Global recognition and high visibility are the underlying marketing principles of the fast food chains. McDonald’s is not only known for the best burgers in Mumbai, it is also known for its business acumen. It is McDonald’s marketing objective to make their food more and more accessible so that nobody has to travel over four minutes to grab a bite of their favorite food. This marketing strategy is now followed by all its competitors because they would like to keep up pace with the biggest brand in the fast food sector. Therefore, each time McDonald’s is opening an outlet in a new locality, a competitor follows suit and opens its outlet in the very same locality.

The Unique Selling Point

The USP of fast food chains is convenience and ease. These companies literally serve their food at amazing speed over-the-counter. People simply choose what they like to eat from the menu and at once, servers place the food neatly on a tray and the customer takes away the food to enjoy a hearty meal. This is just what everyone wants in this digital era when everything is fast-paced and there is absolutely no time to waste. So, fast food is very much in demand today and people tend to choose fast food chains over the usual dining choices simply because of the convenience factor.


Fast food has been around for over seventy years now, and it is here to stay. With the great taste, fantastic pricing, and tremendous convenience coupled with the incredible marketing ventures from billboards and signs to huge advertisements on print and television media, it’s pretty obvious that the industry has spread its roots and is here to stay.


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