Good Reads: Reading with Modern Technology

Working is a great thing to do, whether you offer back office services or as a consultant, there will always be some good times and bad times. One of the worse things about working, however, is that there will always be some moments where everything is moving slow. This could be a result of being idle or because of a short break. The best thing to do during these downtimes is reading. Research has shown that people who read more tend to be more creative and active in their time of work as opposed to people who read less or don’t read at all.

Reading with Modern Technology

Importance of Reading

The human mind is a mysterious thing – it is capable of many things such as learning new languages and the ability to solve problems. What most people don’t realize, however, is that it is also something that needs to be tempered. The human mind is like a muscle in that for it to be fully useful, it has to be used and “exercised”. In this case, the best way to temper the human mind is by reading and studying new things. Studying isn’t limited to reading up on things that people may normally find as mundane. People can even learn from fiction and stories. Simply put, for the human mind to become more powerful, it has to be used by reading and studying up. After all, learning is a lifelong experience for everybody.

Technology and Studying

Compared to twenty years in the past, reading and learning is definitely much easier today. Precisely because people have access to the internet, knowledge is freely-available to everybody at the press of a button. People take for granted the fact that the internet holds many answers for many different questions. Historical facts and resources are compiled and indexed in websites such as Wikipedia and even if they aren’t on a specific website, all it takes is a curious mind and a search engine such as Google for people to find the answer that they seek – in seconds, depending on their internet connection.

Articles and Learning

Of course, by nature, Humans are curious creatures. Some people are interested in learning but most of them don’t know where to start. Here are a few examples of articles or websites that people can peruse on their tablets or any internet capable device.


  1. Quora – Quota is a unique social media website in that it is essentially a hub of experts and laymen who are willing to share their experience and professional opinions for free. Quora is separated by categories and from medical knowledge to the latest videogames, there are always a few people online that are willing to give their take on various matters. All it takes to get an answer is creating an account and asking said question. However, asking a question on Quora isn’t necessarily required for one to learn and have a great time reading. Sometimes, simply browsing an individual’s category of preference is enough for one to find an interesting topic to read.
  2. Wikipedia – The largest index of knowledge freely available on the internet, Wikipedia is essentially an online encyclopaedia consisting of every topic known to man, in every language possible. The great thing about Wikipedia is that it is freely accessible to everyone and people are free to edit articles to correct them or to supplement them with resources in order to support their claims. Wikipedia is unique because it is free for everyone but it also has stringent screening processes on their fact checking with their articles.
  3. Kotaku – As stated above, people now have access to gadgets and other materials that are part of a field that changes every day. Kotaku is a journalistic website that deals with entertainment, videogames and technology as a culture and it is free for people to peruse.

Of course, there are many more websites or books that people can read to learn more even those concerned in Helpdesk Services – or simply have a good time. However, the best way to learn by reading is by picking up things that interest you whether they’re fiction, a musical or both. If people are invested in a certain thing then nothing will stop them from doing their best to learn about it.


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Clark Pacis is a traveller, writer and blogger. He is not sharing just his trips locally and abroad, but now he is writing anything under the heat of the sun in any walks of my life.

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