France best cities for New Year’s Eve

Looking for a great place to spend New Year’s Eve? France is full of ways to celebrate, including parties and concerts. Many cities in the country offer a wide variety of New Year’s Day activities: live music, dance parties, luxury shopping, spectacular display of fireworks, lots of fabulous food and drinks. Read further for just a few ideas.

Paris - France best cities for New Year's Eve


There’s no denying that New Year’s Eve in Paris has an atmosphere that few other cities can rival. A great ambiance can be enjoyed everywhere you are in the city. Paris offers plenty of great ways to unwind and ring in the New Year 2018. Take a cruise along the Seine and find yourself face to face with Paris’s splendid monuments. Come midnight, fireworks will be launched at the iconic Eiffel tower. What else? Head to the Champs-Élysées, where you can dance your way into the new year. Of course the night doesn’t end there, you can flock to the nearby attractions where music booms from cabarets, bars and clubs.

Strasbourg - France best cities for New Year's Eve


Don’t just settle for an intimate evening at home, see new landscapes and new environments for a wonderful New Year’s Eve. Strasbourg is a special place at the turn of the year. On New Year’s Eve, the city hosts a number of New Year’s Eve concerts, events and open-air markets. All over Strasbourg’s streets, expect to be dazzled by spectacular colors and lights. Dance the night away at Epernay along the Avenue de Champagne. Exclusive events, open bars, street theater will be found there to help you make the most of your night. Moreover, you can expect an assortment of wooden toys, decorative articles, and a variety of gourmet eats and sweets.

Cruise Parties Marseille - France best cities for New Year's Eve


Every year, Marseille is hosting a family-friendly New Year’s Eve dinner and party with something for all ages. Many restaurants in the city arrange musical concerts for a New Year’s Eve celebration. Soak up the atmosphere of the holiday by attending some of its cruise parties. Family will be able to enjoy a completely different dining experience. On top of that, fireworks light up from every corner of the city.

New Year 2018 - France best cities for New Year's Eve


If you’re looking for the best New Year’s Eve festivals and events, look no further than Nice. Visit Nice Acropolis, where a huge New Year Eve concert will be celebrated, perfect for starting 2018. You can expect to see the most famous music acts. On the other hand, you can head out to the city’s clubs and restaurants for drinks, musical concerts, and dancing until the sun comes up. You can also hire a luxury car in Nice on New Year’s Eve that will help you easily attend any other concerts. Last but not the least, you can also toast to the new year by attending one of private parties in Nice.

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