Explore the most beautiful fresh lake in Vietnam by a boat ride

Book a 2 days tour with Vietnam Original Travel, you will have a great chance to enjoy the beauty of “emerald pearl” in the mountainous Northeast and listen to the melody of charming “Then” folk music on the dugout canoe and touch the hundred years old stilt houses in Pac Ngoi village or relax at the luxury bungalow of Ba Be Ecolodge.

Recognized as the “emerald pearl” in the mountainous Northeast located 230 km from Hanoi; Ba Be Lake in Nam Mau, Ba Be, Bac Kan is a wonderful choice for the trip to Vietnam. The so-called name of lake was originated from the confluence of three big lakes including Pe Lam, Pe Lu and Pe Leng flowing through Nang river.

Located at the altitude of 150 meters above the sea level, Ba Be Lake is 8 km long, 20 -30 meters deep spreading over 500 hectares.

Formed over 200 million years, thanks to special geological features and environment and climate; the lake is much diversified with over 1,268 flora and 470 animal species. Therefore, Ba Be lake is listed in the top 20 beautiful lakes in the world which need to be preserved. The lake is impressed not only by its surrounding limestone mountains, primeval jungle and cool climate but also by its emerald water like a big minor.

More interesting, you will travel on the river paddled by ethnic girl of Tay in the blue dress to enjoy the wonderful scenery.

Smoothly paddle to Puong cave which is 300 meters long, 20 meter high and 20 meter wide, you will see a breathtaking cave with colorful stalactites in various shapes of which was sharpen by Nang river flowing through limestone Lung Nham mountain million years ago. In particular, this cave is the only place which was found with primitive tools in Neolithic period (Holocen – 10,000 years ago) presenting a striking cultural system of Hoa Binh.

Along the way to the spirit region of An Ma the center of Ba Be Lake, you will see beautiful villages whose villagers grow corns and catch fish. An Ma is the name of the temple which was built by the locals to horror the loyal commanders in Mac dynasty. If you have chances to visit this place every first day of lunar calendar, you will see a lot of locals worship to ask for heath, peace and happiness..

Besides, you can visit Ao Tien (Fairy Lake) which is over 3000 meter square with brimful of clear cold water. This lake is located isolated in the jungle with green vines, animals and flora residing. It is believed that the fairies came down here and played chess with some traces on stones.

After visiting Ba Be Lake, Vietnam Original Travel will take you to the tourist cultural village of Pac Ngoi which is the place of over 80 households and 400 people of Tay ethnic minority.

The most impressive thing here is the intact houses on stilts which were roofed with double tiles and have remained hundred years. In the village, you can enjoy specialties prepared by the locals. Also, explore their daily life and buy some local specialties with Vietnam Original Travel.

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