Experience Watching Endangered Wildlife Species while Enjoying Fantastic Tadoba Accommodation Facilities

Enter the dense forests filled with bamboo stems and you may wonder if this wildlife reserve has a pulse or not. There are zigzag trails to make your feet moving momentarily. It may give you goosebumps, but there is an uncanny funny feeling in such an adventurous wildlife journey. And in the worst scenarios, you may have a face-to-face interaction with the tiger! Getting choked, aren’t you!

Tiger heaven, Tadoba National Park

Welcome to the best tiger reserve in the country

A recent report published by the Global Tiger Forum has highlighted the fact that the population of the wild tiger at the Tadoba Wildlife Sanctuary has increased by approximately 40%.  Many may find the report to be cynical, but the figures are true to every sense.

The Safari Tour

If you are planning to have a tour deep into the forests of Tadoba, take a Gypsy or some other SUV. It is always wise to hire local tour guides for a trip. There are government-assigned forest guides available for safari trips. Hire one such professional to help you out through the deep forest trails. Never get out of the vehicle while on a tiger hunt. Be very careful, you may not, but the king is always watching. Every move of yours is being observed silently. Even the slightest of recklessness can put you into situations from where you may not come back alive.

How to reach Tadoba?

The nearest major urban city from Tadoba is Nagpur. The distance from Nagpur to Tadoba is 132 km approximately. You need to take the Chandrapur – Mul – Nagbhir – Nagpur Highway. Once you reach Chandrapur, the closest sub-urban town, the distance to reach Tadoba becomes 45 km only. If you are travelling by train, you must know that the Chandrapur Railway Station is well-connected to trains from Delhi, Mumbai, Jhansi, Hyderabad, and Chennai. From the Chandrapur Railway Station, there are private taxis and public buses available for Tadoba.

Accommodation options at Tadoba

There are plenty of quality Tadoba accommodation options available for tourists. You will find luxurious lodges and resorts near the Kolara Gate, Khutwanda Gate, Moharli Gate and in close proximity to areas surrounding the Tadoba National Park. There are also options for tented accommodation. But it can be slightly risky for those who are not accustomed to the wildlife scenario. Also, tented accommodation options should be avoided during the winter and the summer months. After all, the place is not only popular for tigers; but there are pythons too.

If the main purpose of your visit is to spot tigers, the best time to visit is in between middle of March till the end of May. During this time, due to high temperature, the tigers can be spotted near the free-flowing streams, within the reserve. And, yes, these months are also perfect to spot pythons. The period from June till September witnesses the arrival of monsoon. This period must be avoided, since the insect life comes alive during this particular time of the year. Also, the percentage of snakes increases during this time.

If you are a nature lover, the best time to visit Tadoba is post monsoon period, i.e. from October till February. There are plenty of quality Tadoba accommodation options available for tourists.  Winter is not harsh in this part of the country. The tropical climate makes for a comfortable trip to witness the rich flora and fauna.

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