Essential Skills Every Teenager Should Know Before They Enter Adulthood

Your child made it! They’re a teenager, and there probably hasn’t been too many disasters, and just because they’ve turned eighteen doesn’t mean they’re ready to move out of the house yet. They might turn out to be boomerang kids are kids who come back to their parents for help because they can’t get by as young adults as they lack skills, whatever those might be, financial, emotional, physical, and ask for support from their parents. Maybe it’s time for you to teach your child some life skills that they’ll need when they enter adulthood because hey, mom and dad can’t do everything for them forever, right?


1. Work skills

So your kid made it through high school and college. Don’t expect them to be able to keep a job just because of that. Keeping a job and staying in school are two very different things, and go very different ways. The real word is much harsher than the four confining walls of a classroom. A summer job or a part-time job during high school or college can help prepare your kid for career. Responsibilities at home such as chores can also help your teen prepare for the working world.

2. Time management skills

If you constantly remind your teen about the things he should be doing such as doing his homework, cleaning his room, or doing the chores he’s assigned, then he isn’t going to do well on his own. Your teen should learn how to budget and manage his time without you hovering or looking over his shoulder.

3. Transportation skills

A driver’s license doesn’t prove anything else other than that your teen can drive. Your teen should know how to use public transportation because chances are he’s going to use it to get to work, or go to school if he’s planning to study somewhere far, if it’s too much of a nuisance to drive. They should know how to get from one point to another. It’s important that he should somehow learn how to get around even in an unfamiliar city.

4. Household management

Your teen is going to move out permanently after finishing his schooling, or live in a dorm while he’s studying, and he’s going to need to know how to manage his own space and household. He has to know how to prepare his own meal, or clean the bathroom, or do his own laundry. He should also know how to make simple repairs and should know when to call professional help if he doesn’t know how to fix something.

5. Financial skills

This is one of the most important skills: how to manage your money. Many children leave their parents’ houses without any idea how to manage their money or even create a budget and this will get them into debt. He should know how and when, and the dangers of using a credit card. He should look into what he’s investing his money into and what he’s spending for.

Don’t panic, he’s still got a lot of time to learn these things. Skills aren’t acquired overnight and are sharpened over time. In a few years, your teen will be a responsible adult. Make sure to enroll them in the best international school in Manila to make sure that their education is complete which will ensure their competence in life later on.


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