Essential Advice for Aspiring Yoga Teachers

A typical Yoga teacher training program will cover a LOT of ground. Over hundreds of hours, it might cover everything from ancient Hindu mythology to postures, philosophy, anatomy, business principles, the environment, and almost every other thing in between. When it’s over, you will be all excited to go out into the world and share your new skills and knowledge with your future students.

Yoga Teacher

But there are a few things that will surprise you once you actually start teaching yourself. It’d be helpful if you focus on these principles whilst teaching yoga and training teachers.

Always teach from your own experience and the knowledge you’ve gained. In other words, practice what you teach. Instead of teaching, focus on sharing. Feel that you are simply sharing your knowledge of yoga.

Never stop being a student. Continue to learn further and practice with a beginner’s mind. Never be content or confident that you have it all figured out. Keep your heart and mind open to all and everything, be humble.

While meeting people, never try to judge or hold them to expectations. Never force your perspective on others unable to accept it. Help students grow with patience and respect.

Explore your potential to the fullest. Expand your horizons in teaching and life. Never limit yourself, pursue your dreams, strive to overcome all obstacles.

Don’t just practice, live your yoga. Don’t limit your practice of yoga, in all thoughts, actions, and words strive to grow and improve. Above all, practice kindness and love: for your fellow yogis, for nature and all mankind.

Daily meditation is the foundation of yoga. Even a regular brief session will enhance other aspects of your yoga practice and enhance your ability as a teacher.

Balance silence and noise in class and during meditations. Yoga teachers should be aware of the fact that silence is often a big part of practice. It warrants a mention, because there is need for a big such interval in moments between some instructions.

As you begin teaching, be as adaptable and accommodating as you can. You’ll become more popular – and marketable – as a yoga teacher because you’ll possess a wider variety of teachable styles and will be able to cater to a wide variety of student requirements. Don’t push yourself away from what you don’t know yet. If you can spare the time and effort to learn it, you’ll most surely do well.

If you enjoy planning everything perfectly you’ll find several of these great and expansive opportunities are challenging.

Yoga teacher training is immeasurable in the ways it can help us to impart knowledge. You should remember to keep on looking out for new lessons even after you complete your training. Do all this, and your practice and the sharing of it will continue to bring much growth and positivity into your life.

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