Easy Ways to Add Character to Your Home

Your home is your palace, and when you’ve purchased your palace, you need to think about the interiors. There are a lot of ideas online, in magazines and on the TV, but ultimately you have to make the right decision for your home yourself. There is a misconception out there that you should match everything in the home for it to look beautiful. There’s something more exciting about quirky, mismatched furniture than everything uniform.

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Floor to Ceiling Character
When you choose to buy or build a home, choose the finishes, ceilings and even engineered wood flooring yourself. Builders do not have the same design knowledge that you have, and their focus is on the build and not making it pretty with the decoration. There are ways you can add character to a new home, and you should start by embracing the style of your home. Find out what makes the style pop, and you need to add some of the outside style to the inside of the home.

According to an article on The Telegraph, eco-friendly living doesn’t have to mean hippy incense and things like that. It can mean using engineered wood flooring and adding variety in the hardware of your home. Wood panels can be ethically made, and you can enjoy a home that is right for everyone with the best carbon footprint.

Interior Designs
Making your bathroom look eclectic by mixing up the wood and designs of your vanities can add a little colour, character and fun to an otherwise plain and basic room. Accentuate this with beautiful lighting from vintage and antique collections. Make the windows in every room feel dressed up by adding curtain poles and blinds to frame the windows themselves. Make the eyes of the room pop out. Adding flooring from companies like http://www.ukflooringdirect.co.uk/engineered-wood-flooring can ensure the best for your home without adding a giant environmental price tag.

Your home can be upgraded to include new and bright wallpaper, paint and even shutters inside and out to add some character. Your decoration that you choose for the home is personal to you, and you can be as eclectic or as different as you like with it so that you can feel proud of your new home. Being aware of the differences in your home is key!

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