Does smoking lead chronic kidney disease

Smoking process is not good for anyone, and it will be stopped immediately who has the smoking habit. It leads many health diseases like cancer, lung diseases, kidney failure and other major health factors. Many private organizations and government health departments along with the world health organization are creating awareness about the effects of smoking and reason to quit it. Smoking is found to be one of the dangerous habits to have as a human who causes disease on their own and people around the smoker as well. Smoking will not only affect the individual who smokes; affects those people who around that person too.

Smoking - Does smoking lead chronic kidney disease

Many of them have one doubt that smoking will cause any kidney problems. But the experts have come up with the confident and proved a result that smoking habit would cause a kind of kidney disease namely chronic kidney disease. So smoking in any form will not be encouraged at any cause. We can see many awareness programs and advertisement on regular life to ban the smoking and ban of smoking products like cigarette and so on.

People who don’t have awareness about the smoking effects will easily get into smoking habits. Some individuals who inspired by the favorite film stars try to smoke. Some movies come with smoking scenes it also influences people to start smoking or try tobacco use in any way. Even children also start smoking because of curiosity or get influenced by their role models and so on. These things are strictly prohibited and should educate about the smoking effects to the smoker with experts. It is advisable to the adults not to smoke in front of the child or try the best e-liquid juice which contains the same contents and similar effects of smoking.

Reasons for kidney problems due to smoking

It is evident that smoking will cause kidney problems. Here we listed few factors which cause the kidney problems. Smoking not only causes kidney issues, but it also impacts on major health diseases like heart problems, lung failure, cancer and more.

  • It will increase the blood pressure and heart rate of the smoking person.
  • Any child or pregnant women feel the effects of smoking they are victimized easily.
  • It decreases the blood flow to kidneys.
  • It narrows the blood vessel in kidney and creates the uncomfortable
  • Smoking also damages the arterioles.
  • Also, accelerates the loss of kidney function.
  • It Increases the production of angiotensin which is harmful to the kidney.

Major factors of chronic kidney disease

CKD is developed due to the facts of diabetes and high blood pressure. Adding smoking on these two factors will ensure the chronic kidney disease. So it is advisable to stay as a non-smoker forever. Continuing the smoking even after the effect of heart and lung disease will increase the possibility of kidney problems soon. The persons who had the kidney transplantation should not smoke at any situation. If they decided to start smoking, they would end up with life loss. Smoking will damage the body parts like heart, lungs, kidney, and others. So smoking will be banned for sure and not be encouraged at any situation.

Suggestions to quit the smoking

Smoking will results too many health issues even sometimes loss of life can happen. So we suggest some healthy advice to quit the smoking habit to live the healthy life. Most of the people continuing the smoking for the addiction of nicotine contains associated with the smoking products. Nicotine extracted from the tobacco ingredients.

  • To avoid smoking discuss with experts or doctors.
  • Decide a schedule on your own to quit smoking.
  • Try alternatives like best e-liquid juices which have the same contents of tobacco.
  • Also, involved in meditation and yoga process to quit smoking.


It is hard for a person who has addicted with the smoking habit to control it immediately. But it can be managed slowly by following few alternative methods like meditation, yoga, or trying alternative products for the cigarette and so. When searching for alternatives to the smoking products best e-liquid juice available on the market which has the same quality and effect. Most juices come with tobacco contents which are similar to the cigarette. So it’s easy for the smoker to adjust and try to quit it soon.

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