Dealing with Job Stereotypes

Whether you are a fresh graduate, unemployed or a veteran working-class citizen, there is one thing you can definitely agree on with the others: job searching can be repetitive and tiring. Finding the right job can be a struggle. As unique individuals, our reasons may vary, from being unable to finish a degree, to lack of credentials that you fail to meet a company’s standard. If you’re having problems landing the perfect job fit for you, give Jobnet Myanmar a try as they have numerous jobs available, including accounting jobs in Myanmar.


But if you still find yourself stuck in the same old rut, you slowly become desperate and start to yearn for guidance from people around you. Either they come in the form of a very helpful friend or a caring and loving parent, they will do their best to give you the answers you seek. Unfortunately, though their nuggets of wisdom mean well, not all suggestions can be considered as good. Hence, you will soon be plagued with bad, if not terrible, advice when it comes to job searching. So what are these bad tips you must look out for? Read on to find out:

Applying In Person Means Plus Points for Recruiters!”

This is one of those ‘classic tips’ that you can hear from almost anybody. Directly heading to a company for application unannounced can be considered distracting as you unintentionally caught them off-guard. There is a better way of approach instead of immediately heading straight to the company that you had your eyes on to apply. Our advice: pay attention to their preferred way of application. If they stated that all application should be submitted personally than do so. If not, then other means of application, such as online, may suffice.

Be Prim and Proper during Interviews.”

Answering in a very monotonous and standard manner of speech can get seriously boring instantly. Keep in mind that you’re talking to a human being and not a robot. Aim to impress, answer questions politely but remain upbeat during your interview. The secret is to engage them into an actual, human conversation as much as you can while appropriately answering their questions.

Apply at Every Job Opening You See!”

This is definitely bad advice. Applying to as many jobs as you can is a time waster. Many career positions require a higher standard of qualification. Instead, target careers that are mare aligned to your skills and experience. Also make sure it’s a job that you will definitely love in the long run.

All Your Competitors Are Just As Talented As You.”

This is not just bad advice, this is outright discouraging. Don’t believe this! Companies are always in search for talented individuals that can greatly boost their market status. Although it is true that each and every one of us is talented in our own way, that does not erase the fact that you are unique and thus differ from everyone else. So use your special talent to gain an upper hand from the sea of competitors. In other words, prove your worth so that they can recognize what you can do for their company.

It may seem that we are cornered into the dark depths of bad job searching advice, but don’t let this scare you. The journey may be long and daunting, but keep your head up and march on until you find the perfect job that fits you.


Kimberly Marie Gayeta (Kimmy) is a Communications Degree holder, currently working as an online Marketing Representative for JOBNET Accounting Jobs in Myanmar.

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