Complete Guide to Cleaning the Arizer ArGo Vaporizer

The Arizer ArGo is undoubtedly a standout amongst other portable dry herb vapes available in the market. It’s sleek, compact, and has fantastic battery life to deliver hassle-free sessions. Its retractable top works flawlessly to keep the glass stem sheltered and secure amid use and travel. In particular, the all-glass vapor way guarantees the unit delivers extraordinary flavor throughout your vaping sessions. In case you find the flavor quality drops, or you experience difficulty getting reliably smooth draws while vaping,  it’s an ideal opportunity to clean your Arizer ArGo vaporizer.

Arizer ArGo Vaporizer - Complete Guide to Cleaning the Arizer ArGo Vaporizer

When you clean your vape effectively, it is when the advantages of the all-glass vapor way truly start to sparkle and upgrade your experience. Glass is pretty easy to clean, and you can get back to vaping as soon as you are done. With some liquor and a tad of time, you can return to the flavor quality you delighted when you initially purchased your priced Arizer ArGo. The cleaning tips shared below will help. Let’s have a look: 

What You Need:

  • A rubbing liquor
  • A few cotton swabs
  • Some delicate pipe cleaners

Cleaning the Glass Item

When cleaning the Arizer ArGo vaporizer, the glass stem should be your main focus since it is where the gadget stores your herbs. So the vast majority of the sticky tars will accumulate in this part. Expel the residue from the vaporizer by filling a bowl with rubbing liquor and placing the stem in the bowl. Now let the stem absorb the solution in the bowl for a couple of hours. The liquor would release the saps. In the wake of drenching the stem for some time, expel it from the bowl, and flush it under running water. In case anything is as yet adhered to the stem, expel it with a delicate pipe cleaner plunged in a little alcohol. Afterward, flush the stem and keep it there to dry before starting to vape again.

Cleaning Tips For Arizer ArGo

Cleaning in a Hurry

If you would prefer not to sit tight for your stem to dry, you can place it in a plastic pack and wash it with a touch of liquor. The glass stem is sensitive, so don’t add anything extra to the pack. The mechanical power of your washing will unstick the gums and tars in a moment, despite that a more extended douse is still more viable. Utilize a delicate pipe cleaner to expel stubborn deposit in the stem.

Cleaning With Zero Waste

The tars in the stem of your Arizer ArGo unit are as yet dynamic. You can recover those pitches by drenching your glass stem in liquor protected to expend instead of rubbing liquor on it. You can use the liquor as a base for your next 420 tincture.

Despite that the stem of your ArGo holds your material, a portion of the material will definitely fall into the stove and leave sticky saps. To gather up those saps, dunk a cotton swab in a few drops of liquor. Press the cotton to squeeze the liquor, and rub the swab throughout the internal part of the heating chamber. You might have to use multiple cotton swabs to clear the majority of the tars away. Abstain from enabling liquor to pool inside the chamber; however, as it could harm your gadget’s sensitive hardware.

Once done, turn your Arizer ArGo vaporizer on and let the heating chamber warm up until you never again smell the remains of alcohol. You might need to let the vaporizer run an entire heating session. When the session is finished, the gadget is prepared to utilize. In case you got an extra glass stem, you can enjoy vaping quickly meanwhile your original stem dries.

So the tips shared above will help you clean your ArGo unit effectively at home. Follow them properly to get your unit clean like a new.

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