Commuting 101: Your Everyday Survival Guide

Indeed, working 9-to-5 is absolutely exhausting. Sometimes, this routine tends to be stressful especially if you have to suffer from Manila’s heavy traffic. What more if you have to endure long commute every day from your house to your work? Isn’t more stressful given the current situation of the roads in Metro Manila and nearby places?

Road Trip - Commuting 101: Your Everyday Survival Guide

Luckily enough, there are effective survival tips on how to endure long commutes and heavy traffic. We have compiled some of the effective ways on how to make your commute time less hassle and less stress. Here’s a friendly guide on how to survive your commuting every day.

Survival Tip # 1: Have an mobile application related to commuting

It is indeed that technology brings several benefits to our lives. One of the advantages of technology is the creation of various mobile apps. With this, maximize the availability of mobile apps by downloading apps that are related to commuting. These commuting apps will help you endure heavy traffic and will make your commuting easier and safer.

These are some of the recommended useful mobile apps to help you get around not only in Metro Manila but in other parts of the country as well.

  • Waze
  • MMDA app
  • Grab Taxi
  • Uber

Waiting Train - Commuting 101: Your Everyday Survival Guide

Survival Tip # 2: Take train as much as possible

We all how hideous the traffic in Manila is. The Manila’s congested and highly urbanized road traffic conditions make it harder both commuter and motorists to get through and land to their destination on time. Fortunately, we have trusted trains in the country that enable us to have a shorter travel time compared when we take land transportation. The route of LRT1, LRT2, and MRT3 will surely pass directly or near to destination since these trains are structured near working places and schools as well.

Survival Tip # 3: Bring pepper spray. Always.

We don’t know when bad people will attack. So, it is essential to not to let yourself unarmed when commuting. To prevent you from being mugged or assaulted by unsuspecting felons, make sure to arm yourself with a pepper spray.

Survival Tip # 4: Do not display your gadgets

Just like in the survival tip # 3, this tip is solely for your safety. As much as possible, do not flaunt your gadgets in public vehicles as this will attract potential robber or thief. In case that you really need to use your gadget, use it inside your bag to avoid getting the attention of pickpockets.

Eating French Fried - Commuting 101: Your Everyday Survival Guide

Survival Tip # 5: Bring food with you

Before, the travel time from Cavite to Manila is exactly one hour. But with the frequent road widening, skyway construction, and other infrastructure development, this travel time increases from one hour to two hour and sometimes it becomes three. Enduring this kind of traffic will not only cause you stress but make you hungry, too. With this, make sure to bring snacks with you always. You will never know when you will encounter such kind of commute.

Commuting is indeed hard, but it does not have to be. There are several ways on how to make travelling easier, safer, and comfortable. Try following the survival tips mentioned above to help make your commute time less stress.

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