Commercial Kitchen Management Tips All Chefs Need To Know

The hospitality industry is undoubtedly competitive, so it follows that every effort must be taken to ensure that slim margins are maximised, so the business remains profitable. Focusing on the right aspects of managing the kitchen will help.

Commercial Kitchen - Commercial Kitchen Management Tips All Chefs Need To Know

Staff workflow

Manpower is almost always the most important part of all commercial food businesses, so make sure each member of staff is kept busy at all times. Keep a list of jobs handy, so that anyone who finds themselves at a loose end has something productive to do.

Write up a practical schedule that covers all elements of the day, from preparation, through the peak times, to cleaning up at the end of the day, including what junior chefs or kitchen assistants can do when the kitchen is not running at capacity. Streamline the processes and you will be well on the way to maximising efficiency.

Keep an eye on margins

Chefs will almost certainly want their menus to reflect their own personalities and passion, but it is vital that you monitor the profitability of all dishes listed on the menu, and the ingredients that go into them. There are systems to allow you to work out margins accurately.

For more ideas on running your commercial kitchen efficiently, visit The Caterer. Once the kitchen is running effectively, profitability will increase as a result. Keep a close eye on it all and you’ll stay on top and in charge.

Stock processes

Purchasing is another big expense. Look at your ordering processes and have them set up to take minimal time and effort, so they accrue lower labour costs. Keep your lists up to date, order in bulk, and note early when things are running low, so you avoid having to pay higher ‘emergency’ fees. Buying in bulk for consumables with a long life will keep costs down. Some companies will even store your orders on their premises, so you can take advantage of bulk prices without having to find space for everything.

Organise your deliveries so they arrive when convenient to you and your staff, avoiding peak times when staff will be busy with other things.

Minimise waste by having suitable storage, especially for perishable goods. If your commercial freezer is not efficient, consider replacing it, through a specialist retailer like Fridge Freezer Direct

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