Common Symptoms That Say That You’re Diabetic

Diabetes is a lifestyle disease which means that it can be prevented by living a healthy and active lifestyle, and of course eating a proper diet consisting of vegetables, and limiting or avoiding the intake of sugary drinks such as soda, and sugary food. Not only will this prevent the onset of diabetes, but it will also lower the risk of other illnesses such as heart disease and high blood pressure.

Diabetes Accessories - Common Symptoms That Say That You're Diabetic

Effects of Diabetes
When Diabetes is not managed properly, it can lead to complications. These problems are caused by glucose buildup in the blood. This buildup means that the sugar stays in the blood instead of being absorbed into the cells, which causes them to not function properly. Some of the complications are: More

Everything you should Know when Undergoing Laser Hair Removal Treatment

Many individuals in the UK are going for laser hair removal treatments, and for good reason. The procedure is relatively painless and can result in the long-term removal of body hair. For some, it can even result in the removal of body hair permanently, especially if they undergo more than a few treatments.

Hair Removed - Everything you should Know when Undergoing Laser Hair Removal Treatment

How it works

The process is quite simple. The laser beam is designed to blast as well as penetrate the skin’s outer layer, and this, in turn, destroys the hair follicles or roots with the use of intense or extreme heat. Since the hair follicles are destroyed, the hair will be prevented from growing back, either in the long-term or permanently. If you have unwanted hair on your legs, face, arms, back, shoulders, and other parts of the body, then laser hair removal can be a good option. More

The Hair fall solutions for Men

Androgen alopecia or hair loss in men is the most frequent type of hair loss triggered mainly as a result of hereditary factors. Of a few of the very frequent reasons for hair loss include insufficient nutrients in the meals, tension, and tension by averting/balancing which you can have the ability to evade the chance of getting hair loss.

Hair Problem man - The Hair fall solutions for Men

This combination needs to be filtered and stored in a bottle. Massage the bald patches often with this particular home remedy and you’ll begin seeing changes in several weeks’ time. More

What You Need to Look For in a Yoga Retreat

Admit it, you are itching to hit the reset button of life! You might be a stressed out corporate executive using yoga to keep life somewhat balanced. However you now need a firmer commitment to your own health and well-being, and am planning a trip to a place you have always wanted to visit – a yoga retreat, to reboot life.

Yoga in Bali - What You Need to Look For in a Yoga Retreat

You are going not only because you need a vacation, but also seek to find clarity and purpose. You have to choose a way of living that will keep you on the path to spiritual growth. More

What Is Urinary Incontinence In Men?

Urinary incontinence in men is not a disease but a symptom of a problem. This is characterized by the accidental leaking of urine hence indicative of an issue with the urinary tract. There are many reasons why incontinence can happen and men should know them better to seek timely treatment.

Urine Testing - What Is Urinary Incontinence In Men?

Urine may leak out in cases where the bladder either squeezes at the wrong time, or squeezes too hard. There are cases when the muscles around the urethra are either weak or damaged thereby making the urine leak out despite no problem with the bladder squeezing at the wrong time. More

Phantom Limb Pain: Therapy and Treatment Options for Amputees

When a limb is amputated, the nerve endings at the site of amputation may sometimes continue to send signals back to the brain. The brain may interpret these signals as a variety of sensations, including pain. It sometimes feels as if the limb is still there. This is referred to as a phantom limb. A person has a variety of treatment options to help them with these symptoms. The pain sensation for a phantom limb does not indicate any real health problem, but it can be difficult to deal with. Symptoms usually go away on their own, but if the problem persists for longer than six months, additional therapy and treatment may be necessary.

Pain - Phantom Limb Pain: Therapy and Treatment Options for Amputees

Pain Management Therapy 

Pain management techniques that do not involve medications are useful because they tend to have fewer side-effects and may provide long-lasting or permeant pain relief. There are certain therapies used specifically for phantom limbs. The first therapy is a TENS device. This device sends mild electric impulses through the skin and into the nerves. These impulses interrupt nerve signals and may mask the pain associated with the phantom limb. The device is worn daily to provide continuous relief without medications. More

New clinical pharmacy scheme will benefit patients

Setting up clinical pharmacists with a dedicated space inside GP surgeries is an innovative new idea recently piloted by NHS England. The success of this approach, adopted to help relieve pressure on gate keeping and emergency health services, and in place at 490 surgeries countrywide, has sparked extra funding to expand the scheme.


How can clinical pharmacists help?

Clinical pharmacists are highly qualified personnel and their knowledge of both disease and medication makes them extremely suitable for the role of the first, primary, or even exclusive, point of contact for particular groups of patients.

In general, the elderly, or those living with chronic diseases and conditions such as diabetes or high blood pressure, require more regular support, advice, guidance and/or medication. Diverting such users to the care of a clinical pharmacist helps avoid GP system overload.

The advantages of GP practice-based pharmacists

There are many benefits to this scheme, both for the patients and for the NHS as a whole – Having an easily accessible clinical pharmacist on-site is especially useful for patients with chronic or multiple health conditions, and the elderly too, who traditionally need more GP appointments or visits to A&E.

Releasing GPs to deal with issues requiring a different level of medical knowledge and training reduces waiting times for appointments, lowers the risk of GP burnout and generally eases stress on all other aspects of the healthcare system. This approach gives patients a fair chance of seeing a doctor or nurse practitioner when that is the sensible and necessary outcome, rather than the only one.

An in-house pharmacist on the GP surgery team leaves doctors with more time to practice medicine, rather than dealing with tasks such as repeat prescriptions or scheduling medication overhaul appointments.

What’s next?

A further 1500 clinical pharmacists will be invited to join GP practices by the deadline of 2020/21. This ambitious clinical staffing target may well rely on help from experts in this area of recruitment, such as

This scheme is one of several intended to help improve the patient experience, while also making the extended training needed to be a GP more attractive to new doctors. It should reduce pressure on front line services which are very often misused due to the over-long wait time for contact with a health professional.

Essential Advice for Aspiring Yoga Teachers

A typical Yoga teacher training program will cover a LOT of ground. Over hundreds of hours, it might cover everything from ancient Hindu mythology to postures, philosophy, anatomy, business principles, the environment, and almost every other thing in between. When it’s over, you will be all excited to go out into the world and share your new skills and knowledge with your future students.

Yoga Teacher

But there are a few things that will surprise you once you actually start teaching yourself. It’d be helpful if you focus on these principles whilst teaching yoga and training teachers. More

6 Leading Types of Commercial & Research ELISA Kits

ELISA kits come highly recommended in scientific, research and clinical tests because of their detection ranges and their sensitivities. The two main kinds of ELISA assays carried out using the ELISA kits are the sandwich and the competitive ELISA assay kits that have high precision levels.

clinical test

These enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay testing methods are effective in diagnosing diseases, medical research, detecting of banned substances by anti-doping agencies, and commercial food companies in production of allergen-free food items. More

Unknown Dangers of Chewing Gum

Chewing gum has a lot of benefits — it makes your breath smell nicer, it can get food out of your teeth, and it gives your mouth to do. However, it also has a negative side as well. If you are part of the 59% of the population that regularly chews gum, read on to learn about 7 hidden dangers of chewing gum, and why you should quit today.

Chewing gum

Chewing Gum Often Causes Jaw Problems

Chewing on one side more often than the other can lead to a jaw muscle imbalance, and consistently chewing gum in general can trigger TMJ, or temporomandibular joint, a painful chronic joint condition in the jaw. This condition is caused by overuse of the jaw muscles. Side effects include: pain, a clicking noise when you open or close the jaw, jaw tightness or even a locked jaw. More