6 Easy Yet Effective Tips for your Healthy Skin

There’s no doubt about it, glowing skin is the number one priority on everyone’s beauty to-do list. But right now, you might be worried that you don’t have particularly healthy skin and want to do something about it. Sound familiar?

Healthy Skin - 6 Easy Yet Effective Tips for your Healthy Skin

If this is you, you’ve probably trawled the internet countless times to find out exactly how to get glowing skin but had little or no luck. That’s where Team WH comes in: with our complete guide on how to get healthy skin, you needn’t panic on that front. More

Why You Should Stop Putting Off That Doctor Appointment

In America, many people have a horrible habit of putting off going to see their primary physician for regular checkups. Doctor’s appointments are sadly seen as an unnecessary expense that just gets lost behind everything else. Part of this is because many people don’t think it is financially feasible to go see a doctor, regularly, which is a sad statement about the state of healthcare in this country. However, even if it does add a bit more financial stress, people should consider their health more often and spend the time and money for a doctor’s appointment. Here’s why it’s time to stop putting off your regular checkups…

Tallking with Doctor - Why You Should Stop Putting Off That Doctor Appointment

Makes preventative treatment possible

Seeing your primary physician to get updates about your health allows you to make better lifestyle decisions that make it less likely for you to get certain disorders and ailments. People who see a physician more often are far more likely to engage in preventative care, which means that you are less likely to get the things that are going to break your bank when you try to get treatment. Preventative care isn’t a guarantee that you aren’t going to develop something worse, but it does make it far less likely that you would do so. More

5 Significant Tips to Take Care of Your Insulin Supplies

The care for diabetes varies from one patient to another. Some patients are prescribed to monitor their blood glucose level more frequently than that of others. How often you need to use these diabetes supplies actually depends on what is advised by your physician. All patients of diabetes are prescribed with Self-monitoring of Blood Glucose (SMBG). This is especially true for those patients who take insulin.

Insulin Supplies - 5 Significant Tips to Take Care of Your Insulin Supplies

Naturally, this goes without saying that in order to detect the blood glucose level accurately you also need to take care of your diabetes supplies in the right way. So here an attempt is help you to take care of your insulin supplies in the best way possible. More

4 Essentials Every Diabetic Needs for Their Personal Comfort

If you are diabetic, you can manage the condition better and with less stress if you know the essentials you require for your personal comfort. Moreover, you will know whether you are prepared for diabetes emergencies. This guide will help you to ensure you are always stocked.

Diabetic Needs - 4 Essentials Every Diabetic Needs for Their Personal Comfort

Glucose Monitoring Supplies

Tracking your sugar levels on a routine basis is important. A glucose monitoring kit can be of great help. It will let you know when the level goes up or down. The kit should come with glucose testing strips, lancet, liquid kits, carrying case, and a monitor. The monitor should have a memory feature that keeps track of the past glucose level readings. In fact, some can compute your average blood sugar on a daily basis. If you have eyesight problems, you should get a monitor with voice function which guides you how to check the sugar levels and reads the result for you. More

Does smoking lead chronic kidney disease

Smoking process is not good for anyone, and it will be stopped immediately who has the smoking habit. It leads many health diseases like cancer, lung diseases, kidney failure and other major health factors. Many private organizations and government health departments along with the world health organization are creating awareness about the effects of smoking and reason to quit it. Smoking is found to be one of the dangerous habits to have as a human who causes disease on their own and people around the smoker as well. Smoking will not only affect the individual who smokes; affects those people who around that person too.

Smoking - Does smoking lead chronic kidney disease

Many of them have one doubt that smoking will cause any kidney problems. But the experts have come up with the confident and proved a result that smoking habit would cause a kind of kidney disease namely chronic kidney disease. So smoking in any form will not be encouraged at any cause. We can see many awareness programs and advertisement on regular life to ban the smoking and ban of smoking products like cigarette and so on. More

Healthy Living by Following Healthy Eating Tips

Healthy eating suggestions are a demand in a healthy lifestyle that is structured around a healthy correct diet plan. These strategies could assist you become one step closer to living this healthy and balanced way of life. Healthy living needs a life-long commitment so these suggestions will make the transition of unhealthy actions into healthy behaviors easier. Gradual adjustments can cause success on your goals for living and also promoting a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

Healthy Living - Healthy Living by Following Healthy Eating Tips

Healthy and balanced eating ideas need to include your whole diet. To guarantee adequate healthy protein, picking lean meat for each dish need to be vital.  More

4 New Techniques and Treatments for Back Pain and Increased Longevity

Back pain is a huge problem around the globe, affecting millions of people worldwide and landing as the number one reason for job disability. In fact, half of adult Americans state that they have suffered from back pain at least once in the past year. With back pain affecting a majority of people at some point in their lives, researchers are constantly working on developing new treatments for it, and doctors create new recommendations often to best treat chronic lower and upper back pain. Here are four promising new treatments and recommendations that may decrease the frequency and incidence of back pain.

Connective Tissue - 4 New Techniques and Treatments for Back Pain and Increased Longevity

Nucleoplasty can be used to relieve pressure on the intervertebral discs. It works by using a small needle inserted into the disc. Once the needle is in place, a radiofrequency probe is inserted and emits a pulse that breaks up some of the nucleus of the disc. This treatment is also useful for treating sciatic pain due to compressed nerves. More

Personal Ritual: 3 Ways to Use Metaphysical Energy to Strengthen Yourself

Metaphysical energy has been conceptualized by many traditional cultures throughout the world. Ancient Hindu and Buddhist scriptures refer to a metaphysical energy called prana, and in Traditional Chinese Medicine, this energy or life force is called qi (or chi). How can you harness these metaphysical energies in your own personal rituals? The following four techniques use metaphysical energy and are relied on for physical and mental strength and clarity by thousands of people.

Personal Ritual - Personal Ritual: 3 Ways to Use Metaphysical Energy to Strengthen Yourself

Acupressure and Tai Chi
Acupressure is a technique based on the Traditional Chinese Medicine technique of acupuncture, which visualizes the body as being divided by a system of “meridians” or pathways for metaphysical energy to flow throughout the body. While acupuncture uses needles in specific points to help unblock the flow of qi, acupressure uses pressure that does not pierce the skin. One can perform acupressure on one’s self for healing. Acupuncturist Jenise Parris, for example, teaches a course in which she shows students how to combine acupressure with aromatherapy to help enhance focus, promote more restful sleep, relieve stress, and relieve the symptoms of tension headaches. More

Spine Issues? 4 Tried and Tested Remedies for Chronic Back Pain

Your back hurts, and you want relief. It does not get any simpler than that. You know how chronic back pain changes how you do everything from your work to your leisurely pursuits. As a sufferer of chronic back pain, you probably have to make plans to do things that were at one time done spontaneously. It is not uncommon for back pain sufferers to mow a lawn or play a few holes of golf only to have to take a day or more to recover from the flare-up that activities can cause. If you are having problems with your spine, here are four things that work.

Back Pain Treatment - Spine Issues? 4 Tried and Tested Remedies for Chronic Back Pain

Electronic Stimulation for Back Pain 

You probably have already heard of devices commonly referred to as TENS units. TENS stands for transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation. It is just a fancy way of saying the devices send little jolts of electricity through the skin into the nerves. Depending on the electrical frequency, the electricity can even cause muscular contractions that could theoretically increase strength and improve circulation in the affected area. Recently, TENS units have become available as an over-the-counter item you can purchase without a prescription.  More

7 Healthy Snacks for Sports Loving Kids

Have you found yourself in charge of putting together game time snacks for your child’s Little League team, soccer team, or some other sports team? Or, do you have kids who simply love to play sports and need something to fuel them? Some snacks, of course, will be better than others in terms of health. Many of the processed snacks you see on store shelves today, for example, are loaded with sugar—which, of course, has been linked to obesity and a variety of related health issues due to the nature of sugar addiction. Because finding snacks that are both healthy and delicious can be tricky, here are 10 fun and healthy ideas for game time snacks that kids will love.

Drink Water - 7 Healthy Snacks for Sports Loving Kids


It may not sound like much of a snack, but it’s worth highlighting first as a game time snack because often, this is all your kids will need after an hour of exercise in between meals. In fact, even the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends water as the sole drink for kids during sports, except on occasions where your child is engaging in “prolonged, vigorous physical activity.” Juice boxes and electrolyte-infused drinks like Gatorade tend to be full of sugar and are simply not necessary. If you want to make drinking water more fun for your kids, try adding frozen fruit pieces to their water or letting them pick out a fun water bottle to drink out of!

Frozen Grapes - 7 Healthy Snacks for Sports Loving Kids

Frozen Grapes

The natural sugars in fruit are always helpful before and after exercise, and frozen grapes are an especially fun fruit option. Simply stick some grapes in a freezer or cooler filled with ice to make them extra cool. Your kids will love the refreshing flavor, especially on a hot day! Tip: For those times when you need to feed several kids at once, cut the stems in the bunch of grapes to make smaller, snack size bunches.

Banana Slices - 7 Healthy Snacks for Sports Loving Kids

Banana Slices

Bananas are an especially great snack around exercise because they are rich in potassium, which promotes proper muscle function and helps prevent muscle cramping and discomfort. Slice them up for an easy snacks for kids, and for something with added flavor, you can always serve them with natural peanut butter.

Apple Sauce - 7 Healthy Snacks for Sports Loving Kids

Applesauce Packets

If you need something ultra convenient every once in awhile, applesauce packets (and other similar fruit and vegetable packets) are one convenient packaged food that can be a healthy snack option. Just be sure to select applesauce packets that are free of added sugars and to enjoy them sparingly—you don’t want your kids to grow to rely on packaged foods as they get older. Whole fruits and vegetables are always the better option. Tip: Be sure to have kids drink plenty of water after enjoying one of these, as the water will flush out any sugars that are left behind in the mouth.

Snap Peas - 7 Healthy Snacks for Sports Loving Kids

Snap Peas

So far this list has been fruit heavy, and it’s important to note that vegetables are a wonderfully healthy snack option as well. Snap peas are great because kids can enjoy them in the same way that they would enjoy, say, chips or fries. They’re ultra convenient, and you can always serve them with a little Ranch dressing for added flavor.

Celery Sticks and Peanut Butter - 7 Healthy Snacks for Sports Loving Kids

Celery Sticks and Peanut Butter

Celery contains healthy nutrients like vitamin K, potassium, fiber, calcium, and vitamin C, and pairing it with natural peanut butter can make it not only more appealing but also a good source of protein. Simply spread some peanut butter on some celery sticks and bag them up for this healthy and convenient snack. Use a natural peanut butter made with a healthier oil like coconut oil for maximum health benefits. (Just be sure to go easy on the peanut butter!)

Mixed Nuts - 7 Healthy Snacks for Sports Loving Kids

Mixed Nuts (with Dried Fruit and Dark Chocolate Chips)

This is an easy snack that you can put together with ingredients from the bulk section of the grocery store. Simply choose a couple favorite nuts like peanuts and almonds and toss in some dried cranberries, cherries, apricots, etc. along with some dark chocolate chips. Just be sure to go light on the dried fruit and chocolate chips, as the sugar can add up fast. This snack is especially great for after exercise because it contains protein, which is perfect for post-workout. Be careful with this snack, of course, if you’ll be sharing it around kids who may be allergic to nuts.

These, of course, are only a few ideas. What do your sports loving kids love for their game time snacks?