Places not to be missed in Cannes in a lifetime

Do you think that you know Cannes’s essential sights? And do you need to go on an epic journey? This city is mesmerizing in terms of attractions and amenities. When considering a trip to Cannes, take a look through these following spots that are not to be missed.


Map out a detour to the Old Town the next time you hit the road 

With a memorable sight of Cannes, no one should miss out  this place while going there. This old quarter is called in French “Le Suquet”, where there are plenty of good restaurants. Quality and quantity in equal measure. Apart from that, you can walk along the streets and find many souvenir shops. More

Plan your trip to one of these destinations in Vietnam for your family

When we are travelling, we cannot deny we want to create a lifetime of memories. We also want to have fun and spend a perfect family getaway. In the event you are in search of the best activities and sights in Vietnam, there is a lot to see and do there for families. There is a list of great things for your family below: a playground for kids, museums, parks, attractions and many other iconic destinations.

Halong Bay

Halong Bay 

In fact, Vietnam is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Asia. And if you want to visit one of its great spots, you can go in Halong Bay. It is an amazing and unusual natural wonder in Vietnam that should not be missed by family. You can get on a sightseeing boat cruise there. If you have kids that like boats, it is the best place for them, given the fact, you can cruise on Halong Bay. Moreover, you will have the possibility to explore some caves and you can even take the opportunity to swim there. More

Understanding current gorilla conservation initiatives

With hunting, disease, poor reproductive rates and habitat loss all posing a significant threat to the gorilla species, what is being done to protect them from the very real possibility of extinction?

Mountain gorilla

Mountain gorillas

According to the charity Save a Gorilla, the mountain gorillas that inhabit the mountains of East Central Africa are the most endangered sub-species. There are less than 700 left and they all live in the wild, as the species simply cannot survive in captivity. This means their conservation is extremely important, not only for their own welfare but also for the rainforest in general. Mountain gorillas are categorised as an ‘umbrella species’, meaning that their conservation also benefits a number of other species within the area. More

8 Possibilities Why Some Travel Magazines Lie in their Photographs

There’s a boom of recomposed photos in travel magazines and social media. In fact, several posts have exposed on just how photographers edit and recompose the reality in photos. As much as it’s interesting to see the transformation, it’s also quite stimulating to know the possibilities or reasons why they are doing that.


Seek Attention

Sharing articles that are purely text-based won’t make a big hit especially that readers nowadays have short attention spans. Picture that do not look thought-provoking do not deserve a second glance. More often, travel magazines’ editors and writers make sure that their posts consist of complementing pictures that make a scene—literally. More

You’ll Regret that You Haven’t Visited these 6 Places from the Philippines

While everyone is having fun in the party scenes of Boracay, are you the type to go on an adventure, seeking thrills and exploring the unknown every step of the way? Are you the type of person who wants to be the first to try secreted and yet highly recommended tourist spots? Then you might as well read on because these six location found in the Philippines will surely get your wanderlust spiking.

Boracay Island

Here are some of the places in the Philippines you need to add on t your bucket list for 2016! More