Yachting in Saint Tropez

St Tropez is a small village tucked into the coastline between the clear sky and the French Riviera. This city is popular for celebrities’ town. The star Brigitte Bardot, for example, has stayed there after the setting of the film “And God Created Woman”. Today the town is getting crowded, it always manages to maintain its beauty and its charm. Apart from that, St Tropez has been for the past decades a place of yachting hotspot on the Southern French coast attracting a lot of people especially the celebrities and superyacht.

Super Yacht

The perfect way to experience St Tropez is obviously from onboard a yacht charter permitting the visitors to admire the charming port and the well-known beach in a heartbeat. The name of St Tropez evokes images of the luxury yacht, celebrities, sunbathing, luxury boutiques, and sunbathing. This town is a glamorous place in France with warm and sunny weather, mild Mediterranean Sea, and sandy shores. Additionally, the picturesque pastel-colored houses along with the palm trees complete the beauty of this town. Here the top places that you shouldn’t miss when visiting St Tropez. More

France best cities for New Year’s Eve

Looking for a great place to spend New Year’s Eve? France is full of ways to celebrate, including parties and concerts. Many cities in the country offer a wide variety of New Year’s Day activities: live music, dance parties, luxury shopping, spectacular display of fireworks, lots of fabulous food and drinks. Read further for just a few ideas.



There’s no denying that New Year’s Eve in Paris has an atmosphere that few other cities can rival. A great ambiance can be enjoyed everywhere you are in the city. Paris offers plenty of great ways to unwind and ring in the New Year 2018. Take a cruise along the Seine and find yourself face to face with Paris’s splendid monuments. Come midnight, fireworks will be launched at the iconic Eiffel tower. What else? Head to the Champs-Élysées, where you can dance your way into the new year. Of course the night doesn’t end there, you can flock to the nearby attractions where music booms from cabarets, bars and clubs. More

Top Romantic Destinations for a Culinary Vacation

There is no love sincerer than the love of food.” – George Bernard Shaw


Good food creates memories, and makes the heart grow fonder. Food is an intimate affair and many couples make it a big part of their travels. Whether you plan to head to the beach together, explore a cultural destination, or plan a weekend getaway, finding a destination which offers excellent food choices and romantic things to do may be a bit challenging. More

Commuting 101: Your Everyday Survival Guide

Indeed, working 9-to-5 is absolutely exhausting. Sometimes, this routine tends to be stressful especially if you have to suffer from Manila’s heavy traffic. What more if you have to endure long commute every day from your house to your work? Isn’t more stressful given the current situation of the roads in Metro Manila and nearby places?

Luckily enough, there are effective survival tips on how to endure long commutes and heavy traffic. We have compiled some of the effective ways on how to make your commute time less hassle and less stress. Here’s a friendly guide on how to survive your commuting every day. More

Visit Barcelona: Celebrate Sant Jordi in Barcelona

On April 23 is celebrated the day of “Sant Jordi” patron of Catalonia since 1456. As you know, on that day you must exchange presents: Boys give roses to girls and girls give books to boys.

Montblanc Catalonia Barcelona

According to the legend, the village of Montblanc was being terrorised by a dragon. The dragon lived on the outskirts of the town and was getting closer to the walls, so the inhabitants had to find a way to keep it away. They started feeding the dragon with the animals, but when they were over, they had no choice but to sacrifice themselves. More

What To See And Do In Benalmádena

Benalmádena is a highly recommended destination for any visitor who decides to go through the province of Malaga, certainly a place from which you can take the best memories. This fabulous seaside town is one of the most famous enclaves of the Costa del Sol where you can find a greater offer when deciding where to spend your summer holidays.

Santo Domingo Church

Charming streets, delicious dining options, stunning beaches, amusement parks, a casino and the spectacular marina combine in this town to make your stay an unforgettable experience. In the 18th century, the town began to have a progressive growth thanks to the installation of several paper mills and the cultivation of the vineyard, which reactivated its economy and, consequently, its population growth. More

Explore the most beautiful fresh lake in Vietnam by a boat ride

Book a 2 days tour with Vietnam Original Travel, you will have a great chance to enjoy the beauty of “emerald pearl” in the mountainous Northeast and listen to the melody of charming “Then” folk music on the dugout canoe and touch the hundred years old stilt houses in Pac Ngoi village or relax at the luxury bungalow of Ba Be Ecolodge.

Ba Be Lake

Recognized as the “emerald pearl” in the mountainous Northeast located 230 km from Hanoi; Ba Be Lake in Nam Mau, Ba Be, Bac Kan is a wonderful choice for the trip to Vietnam. The so-called name of lake was originated from the confluence of three big lakes including Pe Lam, Pe Lu and Pe Leng flowing through Nang river. More

Monaco, Cannes and Nice: the best destinations to uncover on the French Riviera for 2017

Thinking about travelling in a beautiful place this year? Cannes, Nice and Monaco will take you through the many wonders of the French Riviera. But what makes these destinations unforgettable? There are many mesmerizing spots to see there as you can see below.

Monaco Cathedral


If you plan on taking a vacation this year 2017, consider Monaco. Monaco is a sovereign city-state of pristine beauty with plenty of seaside glamour. It offers a diversity of landscapes. It is also home to plenty of outdoor space to uncover. You can visit one of the most well-known quarters there. Monte Carlo is an awesome quarter with enough to occupy all. More

Experience Watching Endangered Wildlife Species while Enjoying Fantastic Tadoba Accommodation Facilities

Enter the dense forests filled with bamboo stems and you may wonder if this wildlife reserve has a pulse or not. There are zigzag trails to make your feet moving momentarily. It may give you goosebumps, but there is an uncanny funny feeling in such an adventurous wildlife journey. And in the worst scenarios, you may have a face-to-face interaction with the tiger! Getting choked, aren’t you!

Tiger Heaven Tadoba National Park

Welcome to the best tiger reserve in the country

A recent report published by the Global Tiger Forum has highlighted the fact that the population of the wild tiger at the Tadoba Wildlife Sanctuary has increased by approximately 40%.  Many may find the report to be cynical, but the figures are true to every sense. More

Places not to be missed in Cannes in a lifetime

Do you think that you know Cannes’s essential sights? And do you need to go on an epic journey? This city is mesmerizing in terms of attractions and amenities. When considering a trip to Cannes, take a look through these following spots that are not to be missed.


Map out a detour to the Old Town the next time you hit the road 

With a memorable sight of Cannes, no one should miss out  this place while going there. This old quarter is called in French “Le Suquet”, where there are plenty of good restaurants. Quality and quantity in equal measure. Apart from that, you can walk along the streets and find many souvenir shops. More