Avoid These 5 Most Common Football Injuries

Football is a contact sport, and due to the nature of the game it is easy to pick up injuries. From hamstrings to ankles, many body parts can get injured playing the beautiful game. Read on to explore the five most common injuries – and how you can avoid them.

Ankle Sprain - Avoid These 5 Most Common Football Injuries

Ankle Sprain

An ankle sprain is one of the most common injuries. The ankle has a wide range of movement and has lots of complex ligaments that are vulnerable to strains. Ankle injuries come in three grades – stretch (grade 1), tear (grade 2) and snap (grade 3). Taping the ankle and bracing it can reduce the risk of injury. More

Why Now Is the Best Time to Be Alive

Did you know that only 6% of Americans think that the world is getting better? That’s an astonishingly bleak view for a country to have, but can you really blame us? Turn on the news. You’d think we were in the middle of an apocalypse, with the endless 24-hour cycle of murder, disaster, and mass mayhem that we are subjected to on a constant basis. It is really easy to feel like all of society is on the brink, and we’re just waiting for the straw that breaks the camel’s back.

Globe - Why Now Is the Best Time to Be Alive

However, let’s take a step back from the hysteria that so easily floods our social media pages. If we look at things objectively, we begin to see that the exact opposite is true. Indeed, while it can be easy to wear rose-colored glasses and look at the past, the truth is that things are tangibly better now than they’ve ever been. Indeed, the only time you could argue that it was better to be alive, on average, hasn’t existed yet. Here are several reasons why now is absolutely the best time there’s ever been to be alive… More

Drama at the FIFA World Cup

The Federation Internationale de Football Association (or FIFA, as it is more commonly known) is no stranger to controversy. It has been accused of corruption and scandals for decades, and even became the subject of Andrew Jennings’ book ‘Foul! The Secret World of FIFE: Bribes, Vote-Rigging, and Ticket Scandals’. As recently as 2015, upper levels of the organization were purged in a corruption case that saw the indictment and arrest of 16 FIFA officials in the United States, alone.

Soccer ball with stands - Drama at the FIFA World Cup

You’d think that the organization would learn from their mistakes, but that doesn’t appear to be the case when you look at FIFA’s slate over the next few years. Both the 2018 and 2022 World Cup, which is the most important event in the world of international football, look to be full of scandal and controversy. Here are some of the controversies attached to the upcoming World Cups…. More

How To Be the Best Best Man

You’ve been at his side through childhood bullies, the stresses of puberty, and the hard decisions of adulthood, professional development, and an college education. Now it’s time for your buddy to embark on the craziest move ever: marriage.

Wedding Ceremony

Although it’s an honor to be asked to be the Best Man, few of us actually know what to do about it. After all, isn’t the wedding kinda the girl’s thing? And you don’t want to step on any toes. Well, for the beginners out there, here’s a basic guide to the duties of the Best Man, and how you can send your friend off with style and class. More

The Many Health Benefits of Rowing

Rowing seems to be a more popular form of exercise now than ever before. In fact, last year Harper’s Bazaar named rowing “the new spinning,” as boutique rowing studios are quickly cropping up all over the country. Kate Middleton reportedly turned to rowing to get in some serious shape. And as if that weren’t reason enough to take up rowing, rowing has a myriad of health benefits to offer. Here are some of the many health benefits you’ll enjoy when you make rowing a regular form of exercise.

Rowing on Boat - The Many Health Benefits of Rowing

Full Body Workout

Rowing just might be the world’s most efficient exercise. While many believe that rowing is mainly an exercise of the arms, you’d be surprised at how deeply it exercises the legs and core as well. With each rowing stroke, you’re working out every major muscle group in the body, including your legs, hips, buttocks, shoulders, back, arms, and core. More

Outdoor Activities You Must Try

To run from daily fuss and city’s turmoil, people often seek refuge in nature. There, we simply love to turn to excitements which are offered. It does not need to be adrenaline-pumping activity, but it must have connection with the nature. Here is our list of suggestions on which activities are a must, if you wish to experience nature at its best.



This sport or rather said activity, is pretty new when it comes to spending quality time outside. Basically, you are in a big, transparent ball, which is within another ball, and what you will do, is up to you. To move it, you need to run inside the ball, like the hamster does it. And if you think that this is fun, try rolling down the hill. We hope you did not had Mexican food prior to this. More