Can cockroaches cause serious sickness?

When we think of dirty cockroaches, there may be some images and connotations of poor hygiene come crawling into our mind. But do you also know that these dirty cockroaches can cause serious illness in human beings?


Let us analyze some important aspects, diseases and preventions you need to know about cockroaches.

Diseases you can catch from cockroaches:

Cockroaches are responsible for spreading almost 6 different parasitic worms and 7 harmful pathogens.

Here are the some prime diseases & bacteria spread by cockroaches:

  • Asthma
  • E. Coli
  • Salmonella

How they transmit diseases?

Unlike mosquitoes cockroaches are also considered as the reservoirs for many diseases. Cockroaches transmit harmful diseases mechanically.

Person can catch disease from cockroaches through:

  • Inhaling: asthma triggered by cockroaches while inhaling allergens their presence releases into the air.
  • Digesting: cockroach disease transmission can occur by the food intake that has been contaminated by a cockroach.
  • Touching: When we touch anything contaminated by these cockroaches then proceed to touch eyes, nose and mouth, it transfers bacteria from hands which infect our immune system.


Here are some prevention tips to help reduce the risk of cockroaches:

  • Seek professional helps: 

If you are living in Farmington, then you can gain easy access to many professional services that offer complete helps; you can easily contact pest control in Farmington they will not only eradicate the nasty cockroaches but also manage all the pests’ problems in your homes.

  • Seal cracks & gaps: 

Sealing of all cracks and gaps in your houses will completely eliminate the entry routes cockroaches use to get into your house.

  • Cleaning: 

Make sure all of your work surfaces, tables, kitchen counters and floors must be clean and properly free from the food debris and every liquid spills. Emptying the daily bins can also reduction in cockroaches and pests.

If you have been experiencing these pest problems since months or years, you should immediately seek the solutions in order to save yourself from harmful infections. So have any eye on the above mentioned tips for your better health & safety. Hire the best pest control in Farmington services today.

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