Bizarre Laws from around the United States

The United States offers a great deal of autonomy to each individual state to create their own laws. Typically, this has worked out pretty well, as it has allowed states to write laws that directly impact the citizens in their particular jurisdiction, which enables each state to better serve its own people. However, not every individual state law has been a home run. Turns out, if you look around for a little bit, you’ll find that there are some pretty weird laws that are still on the books, all around the country! Here are just some of the bizarre laws that you can find from different states in America…

A Moose - Bizarre Laws from around the United States

Giving a moose a beer in Alaska

They really care about their moose in Alaska, in case you didn’t know. For this reason, there’s a whole bunch of laws on the books about the etiquette and treatment of moose. For example, it is illegal to shove a moose out of an airplane, which isn’t something I ever found evidence of happening, but I guess they have it covered in case it ever does. Another interesting moose law in Alaska is that you aren’t allowed to give a moose a beer. Also, if you ever accidentally kill a moose, you are legally obligated to try to save the meat so that it can be eaten.

Family friendly road rage in Maryland

We’re all prone to a little road rage, but you’d better keep that road rage G-rated if you’re driving in Maryland, where it is illegal to use profanity when you are driving. If you are caught doing so, you could be subject to a hefty fine. So next time somebody cuts you off in Maryland, be sure to be incredibly polite as you curse their name to the heavens.

Pennsylvania - Bizarre Laws from around the United States

Catching fish in your mouth in Pennsylvania

Everybody has their preferred method of catching fish. Sure, most of us use poles, but there are the occasional oddballs who use firearms, or even catch them with their bare hands (both of which are illegal to do in Indiana). However, if you are in Pennsylvania, you’d better keep your mouth shut when you are fishing, because there is a law on the books that forbids people from catching or attempting to catch a fish in their mouth. I’m sorry if this inconveniences any future fishing trips. Worse case scenario, you’ll have to go fishing at a state next door.

Kids can’t play pinball in South Carolina

If you ever thought that pinball was a children’s game, then you are only showing how uncultured you are. That’s because pinball is for adults, or at least it is in South Carolina, where participants must be 18 years of age or older to play on a pinball machine. I guess the kids will need to stick to pong and pacman.

Virginia - Bizarre Laws from around the United States

Raccoons are the only animal that can be killed at all times in Virginia

If you ever want to kill a varmint in Virginia, be sure that you don’t do so during the Lord’s day, as it is illegal to kill most nuisance animals before 1pm or after sunset on Sundays. However, there is a clear outlined exception to this rule, as you are allowed to kill raccoons at pretty much any time of the day.

Oregon and New Jersey’s gas station laws

One of the notable oddball state laws is in place in Oregon and New Jersey, where you are not allowed to pump your own gas, but must instead have a gas station attendant do so. In these states, the argument for keeping these laws is that it brings in jobs (in the form of gas station attendants). However, this is somewhat of an odd motive, at best, and likely just has to do with complacence and people not really wanting to start pumping their own gas, by now.

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