Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy: Understanding What It Is

There are many people in the world in need of bioidentical hormone therapy not just in California. Most people might now know what it is and what is it that happens to the body that it needs this kind of treatment.

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Bioidentical hormone therapy means that the person receiving this treatment will be given hormones identical to his own on a molecular level. It is also called natural hormone therapy. Some of the specific hormones that is used in this kind of therapy are:

  • Estradiol, which is the one responsible for regulating menstruation and isprimary female sex hormone, an estrogen sex hormone, and a steriod. Aside from having responsibilities with the female reproductive system, it is also has other effects maintaining bones;
  • Estrone, which is a hormone released by the ovaries, and is always present in the female reproductive system, and is abundant during pregnancy;
  • Progesterone, which is a hormone, like estradiol, is involved with menstruation, and like estrone, is involved with pregnancy;
  • Estriol, another kind of estrogen; and testosterone, which is an androgen found in males.

Bioidentical hormone therapy can only be practiced in the United States, and is considered alternative medicine. Alternative medicine means that a product or procedure claiming healing effects but has no evidence of that healing collected by the scientific method.

Bioidentical also means that the hormones can be plant based because the term “plant derived” has been attached to the term “bioidentical.” Because of this, the treatment is now referred to as “natural hormone therapy.” However, “natural” can also mean that products have ingredients from plants or animals, or mineral source.


This kind of therapy is used to alleviate the uncomfortable symptoms of menopause. Menopause happens when the reproductive system of a female stops producing hormones, and the menstruation becomes irregular then stops, rendering the female unable to bear any more children. Some of the symptoms are hot flashes which stop in one or two years, dryness, and difficulty sleeping. Menopause can be caused naturally or by age, or by surgery when the uterus was taken out.


These hormones can be administered to patients using creams applied on the skin, pills, gels that can also be applied on the skin, vaginal rings, gels, and tablets, and patches. When hormone pills are taken orally, the liver changes it into estrone before getting into the blood, but when it is administered through the skin there is no change or modification. However, it can also change depending on the condition of the product or how it’s applied.


Aside from benefits, it also has effects. In California, Bioidentical Hormone Therapy can raise the risk of cardiovascular disease, and even stroke and heart attack. It has also been linked to endometrial cancer, which is a cancer that affects the endometrium, or the lining of the uterus, which is also more common after menopause, and these treatments usually are sought while approaching menopause.


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