Benefits of Vitamin E for Skin

Vitamin E is also known as alpha- tocopherol. It is mostly obtained in vegetables and fruits making is easily affordable and available. It is used to treat high blood pressure, varicose veins bowel problems and the major one being that it cures all skin problems. Vitamin E can be obtained raw or through cooking. Many skin products contain vitamin E oil which contains an antioxidant which facilitates healing process in case of injury.

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Benefits of Vitamin E for Skin

  • Cleansing agent – Vitamin E is capable of cleansing all skin types i.e. the oily, dry and normal skin since it does not have any negative side effects. After cleansing you are able to notice that the skin is free from wrinkles and fine lines which occur below the eye. You should use cotton wool and dip it in some cleansing agent containing vitamin E and smoothly rub your skin. This process should be done daily whereby you are able to notice skin brightness after a period of one week. All dirt that had accumulated in the skin is completely cleared.
  • It acts as a skin moisturizer – for dry and peeling skin vitamin E contained in lotion helps to give a smooth effect clearing any wrinkles and fine lines on the skin. A mixture of vitamin E supplement and olive oil helps to make the skin more permeable to retain moisture. This vitamin E oil is most suitable during bedtime for it to react well on the skin to give great results.
  • Treatment of sunburn – sunburns cause by dangerous UV rays makes the skin look so horrible. For best results vitamin E should be pallid twice a day on the affected area. This vitamin E oil is readily absorbed by the skin epidermis and heals the sunburns. The light skinned individuals are prone to sunburn effect as compared to the dark skinned people. The dark skin has a lot of melanin which can condone the ultraviolet sun rays causing very minor effect. The light skinned should always have the vitamin E oil supplement at their reach in order to maintain a skin free from sunburns.
  • Anti aging benefits – wrinkles and formation of fine lines below the eye blows are as a result or aging. The affected should feed on green leafy vegetables and a lot of fruits in order to reduce wrinkles. In addition the affected individual should use vitamin E oil twice a day on the affected area. The presence of powerful antioxidants in the vitamin E oil help in clearing the wrinkles and smoothening out the fine lines below the eye. Individuals as old as 50 are able to maintain a youthful skin after using the vitamin E oil.
  • Treatment of brown spots – These brown spots are as a result of acne affected skin, aging or liver problems. Vitamin E is effective in treating radical damage on the skin. It is also applied on the brown spots helps to lubricate the cell membrane which cause cell regeneration hence clears the brown spots and in addition smoothen dry skin.
  • Acts as make up remover – due to its lack of effect on the skin Vitamin E acts a makeup remover especially on the sensitive areas such as the eye. The vitamin E oil enables to clearer eye shadow and all other sorts of makeup around the eye without causing any effect on the eye. As an additional benefit it clears the fine lines below the eye leaving a smooth look. Individuals should avoid cleaning eye makeup using plain water this enhance formation of fine lines below the eye.
  • Heals rough skin – Vitamin E adds the skin nutrients through its moisturizing effect and antioxidants that smoothen and improve skin brightness. The lips being part of the skin are healed from dryness and inflammation. Rough skin may have additional problems such as itching and breakouts which are treated by using a mixture of olive oil and vitamin E oil. This supplement should be applied twice a day for good results.
  • Treatment of acne – acne causes dull skin and spots creating a horrible look. Vitamin E contain antioxidants that helps to cleanse the skin .Vitamin E oil clears both white and back heads and act as a skin brighteners after clearing all black spots.


A beautiful skin gives confidence and increase self esteem. Vitamin E is a solution for those who lower their self esteem due to dry skin, acne prone skin, wrinkled skin, full of sunburn and spots. By use of vitamin E oil all the above problems are solved. In order to obtain vitamin E one requires consumption of vegetables and fruits, in addition some beauty products such as lotions and moisturizer contain vitamin E. The lotions and moisturizer are cheap to buy and easily available.

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