Avoid These 5 Most Common Football Injuries

Football is a contact sport, and due to the nature of the game it is easy to pick up injuries. From hamstrings to ankles, many body parts can get injured playing the beautiful game. Read on to explore the five most common injuries – and how you can avoid them.

Ankle Sprain - Avoid These 5 Most Common Football Injuries

Ankle Sprain

An ankle sprain is one of the most common injuries. The ankle has a wide range of movement and has lots of complex ligaments that are vulnerable to strains. Ankle injuries come in three grades – stretch (grade 1), tear (grade 2) and snap (grade 3). Taping the ankle and bracing it can reduce the risk of injury.

Hamstring Sprain

The hamstrings are vulnerable in football because of the stretching required to reach the ball. The hamstrings also help provide power for sprints, passes and shots. Hamstrings can heal within a month, but they can be weakened and likely to pull again if not fully recovered. It is important to warm up for at least 15 minutes before a game, as stretching reduces the risk of injury.

Knee Ligament Rupture - Avoid These 5 Most Common Football Injuries

Knee Ligament Rupture

There are four knee ligaments, and it is injury to the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) that is most worrying. The ACL connects the thigh bone to the shin bone, and this can rupture when twisted. This ligament cannot heal if torn and requires surgery. Balance training is a good idea for prevention, as it develops the knee’s reactions under strain.

Dead Leg

A collision can crush the muscle in your leg on to bone, causing a dead leg. It can tear the muscle or ligament with varying severity, and this takes from a couple of days to a few weeks to recover. Sadly, there is no way to prevent this happening, as a bad collision can happen at any time. To limit the damage, apply a cold compress as soon as possible.

Football Injury - Avoid These 5 Most Common Football Injuries

Shin Splints

Pain and inflammation along the shin bones can make it hard to walk, let alone play football. This injury is caused by overuse, pronating feet and tight calves. To prevent shin splints you need to warm up and make sure you are wearing the right trainers. Make sure you pick the right gear by consulting experts such as kitking.co.uk to source your Team Football Kits, safety gear and accessories. Strengthening ankle muscles also helps.

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