Automotive DIY: How to Fix a Car without Breaking the Bank

Depending on the type of repairs that your car needs, you could spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars to fix your vehicle. However, there are strategies that you can use to try and reduce the cost or at least manage repair expenses without ruining your financial situation. Let’s look at some effective ways to get back on the road without emptying your bank account.

Auto Repair - Automotive DIY: How to Fix a Car without Breaking the Bank

Buy the Parts Yourself
Getting parts is easy regardless of the make and model of your vehicle. It may be possible to visit sites such as Amazon or eBay to find the right parts at the right price. You may also want to visit the website of the company that makes the car or the company that makes the part. Ordering direct from the manufacturer can save money as well as ensure that you get a quality part.

Junkyards Can Help Keep Costs down
Those who have older cars may find what they are looking for in a local junkyard. While in some junkyards like you have to pick the part yourself (actually go find it on a vehicle and remove it with your own tools), some junkyards will keep an inventory that you can browse through to ensure that they have what you need. In exchange for the time spent finding the part on your own, the junkyard will sell it for pennies on the dollar compared to retail.

Buy a Service Plan
If you don’t have a warranty on your vehicle, you may be able to protect it with a service plan. Service plans will reimburse you for any costs that you incur assuming that they are covered. Depending on the plan that you buy, the plan provider may work directly with the service center doing the repairs to coordinate payment for services rendered.

Ask Your Friends to Help With the Repairs
If you know someone who is good with cars, that person may be willing to help make a repair for free or in exchange for a favor in the future. As labor costs are what make a typical repair so expensive, having your neighbor do the work instead of a mechanic allows you to get quality repair done without going broke. Without a vehicle, it may be tough to get to work on time or be there to pick your kids up from school. Therefore, it is critical that you know how to keep your car running without going over your budget. By purchasing parts yourself from a junkyard like U Pull & Pay or doing the repairs on your own, you may be able to save money without sacrificing quality.

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