Freedom Debt Relief Reviews Credit Card Options for People With No Credit History

No one is born with an established credit history. You must first actually have some experience with credit before you have a credit history. Of course, this presents a problem particularly for students and young adults who have trouble getting approved for credit cards because they have no credit.

Credit Card - Freedom Debt Relief Reviews Credit Card Options for People With No Credit History

Freedom Debt Relief reviews suggests some steps people with no credit could take that could help them begin building credit and get approved for better credit cards and loans. More

7 Healthy Snacks for Sports Loving Kids

Have you found yourself in charge of putting together game time snacks for your child’s Little League team, soccer team, or some other sports team? Or, do you have kids who simply love to play sports and need something to fuel them? Some snacks, of course, will be better than others in terms of health. Many of the processed snacks you see on store shelves today, for example, are loaded with sugar—which, of course, has been linked to obesity and a variety of related health issues due to the nature of sugar addiction. Because finding snacks that are both healthy and delicious can be tricky, here are 10 fun and healthy ideas for game time snacks that kids will love.

Drink Water - 7 Healthy Snacks for Sports Loving Kids


It may not sound like much of a snack, but it’s worth highlighting first as a game time snack because often, this is all your kids will need after an hour of exercise in between meals. In fact, even the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends water as the sole drink for kids during sports, except on occasions where your child is engaging in “prolonged, vigorous physical activity.” Juice boxes and electrolyte-infused drinks like Gatorade tend to be full of sugar and are simply not necessary. If you want to make drinking water more fun for your kids, try adding frozen fruit pieces to their water or letting them pick out a fun water bottle to drink out of!

Frozen Grapes - 7 Healthy Snacks for Sports Loving Kids

Frozen Grapes

The natural sugars in fruit are always helpful before and after exercise, and frozen grapes are an especially fun fruit option. Simply stick some grapes in a freezer or cooler filled with ice to make them extra cool. Your kids will love the refreshing flavor, especially on a hot day! Tip: For those times when you need to feed several kids at once, cut the stems in the bunch of grapes to make smaller, snack size bunches.

Banana Slices - 7 Healthy Snacks for Sports Loving Kids

Banana Slices

Bananas are an especially great snack around exercise because they are rich in potassium, which promotes proper muscle function and helps prevent muscle cramping and discomfort. Slice them up for an easy snacks for kids, and for something with added flavor, you can always serve them with natural peanut butter.

Apple Sauce - 7 Healthy Snacks for Sports Loving Kids

Applesauce Packets

If you need something ultra convenient every once in awhile, applesauce packets (and other similar fruit and vegetable packets) are one convenient packaged food that can be a healthy snack option. Just be sure to select applesauce packets that are free of added sugars and to enjoy them sparingly—you don’t want your kids to grow to rely on packaged foods as they get older. Whole fruits and vegetables are always the better option. Tip: Be sure to have kids drink plenty of water after enjoying one of these, as the water will flush out any sugars that are left behind in the mouth.

Snap Peas - 7 Healthy Snacks for Sports Loving Kids

Snap Peas

So far this list has been fruit heavy, and it’s important to note that vegetables are a wonderfully healthy snack option as well. Snap peas are great because kids can enjoy them in the same way that they would enjoy, say, chips or fries. They’re ultra convenient, and you can always serve them with a little Ranch dressing for added flavor.

Celery Sticks and Peanut Butter - 7 Healthy Snacks for Sports Loving Kids

Celery Sticks and Peanut Butter

Celery contains healthy nutrients like vitamin K, potassium, fiber, calcium, and vitamin C, and pairing it with natural peanut butter can make it not only more appealing but also a good source of protein. Simply spread some peanut butter on some celery sticks and bag them up for this healthy and convenient snack. Use a natural peanut butter made with a healthier oil like coconut oil for maximum health benefits. (Just be sure to go easy on the peanut butter!)

Mixed Nuts - 7 Healthy Snacks for Sports Loving Kids

Mixed Nuts (with Dried Fruit and Dark Chocolate Chips)

This is an easy snack that you can put together with ingredients from the bulk section of the grocery store. Simply choose a couple favorite nuts like peanuts and almonds and toss in some dried cranberries, cherries, apricots, etc. along with some dark chocolate chips. Just be sure to go light on the dried fruit and chocolate chips, as the sugar can add up fast. This snack is especially great for after exercise because it contains protein, which is perfect for post-workout. Be careful with this snack, of course, if you’ll be sharing it around kids who may be allergic to nuts.

These, of course, are only a few ideas. What do your sports loving kids love for their game time snacks?

Better Workplace, Happier Employees

The average amount of time people work for one company is about four years. With this easy-come, easy-go mentality, many workplaces are looking for ways to improve employee retention, and find team members motivated to stick around, and help the company to grow and thrive.

Business people in office

How are they doing it? Well, some places offer great benefits, and give raises and competitive pay that make it hard to leave. Another way that some companies – especially smaller ones who don’t have the budget for huge salaries and benefits – keep employees longer is by adjusting the atmosphere of the workplace itself, so that the office is a place that people like to be. More

Use These Growth Strategies To Build Your Business

If you want your business to grow in a great way, it’s time to begin thinking in a strategic manner. Below you will find three strategies that can help your company expand in a productive, positive manner:


1. Buy Commercial Products Online.

Buying commercial products online is a great way to grow your business because it can save time and money. For example, online retailers oftentimes offer their products at lower rates than you would have paid in the store. Additionally, buying online will preclude you from the frustrations associated with fighting traffic to get to a store and dealing with grumpy shoppers once you’re there. In the event that your business makes use of replacement marine parts, you can obtain them from online retailers such as Magna Marine Inc. Before you do business with any online retailer, make sure that the organization has been successfully operating for at least five years. If the company is not five years old, confirm that they have a good reputation by reading their online reviews and/or checking their Better Business Bureau (BBB) rating. More

Home Changes to Make before Getting a Dog

Are you and your family considering getting a dog soon? Here are some key changes you’ll want to make in your home first.

Dog on the carpet

Put up a fence.

Putting up a fence is often the first home upgrade homeowners want to make after getting a dog. This is because a fence allows you to play with your dog in your backyard without worry of the dog running away, and you can let your dog out to go to the bathroom without having to accompany it on a leash every time. So if you are thinking about getting a dog, consider putting up a fence beforehand to enjoy these conveniences of having a fence from the get-go. Plus, as an added bonus, you and your family will enjoy more privacy in your home, as this article details. More

How to Resize Pictures for a Website

Whether you upload pictures to websites on a regular basis or intend to do so just this once – knowing how to resize them will come in handy. While you may have resized pictures in the past through various means, resizing them for websites is unique in several ways.

Photo Batch

Part of the reason it is unique is tied to why it is often necessary to resize pictures for websites in the first place. Generally when you’re uploading pictures to a website, its size affects both the file size and the actual dimensions – and both of those are important. If the file size of a picture is too large then it will take a long time to load and consume a lot of bandwidth. At the same time its dimensions will affect how it takes up valuable onscreen real estate on the website – which is just as important too.

Choosing Options to Resize Pictures

Keeping both these reasons in mind, the best way to resize pictures for a website is by using Movavi Photo Batch. It is a powerful batch processing software that has several features – but when it comes to acting as a photo resizer it is valuable due to the fact that it has several options on how to do so.

Using Movavi Photo Batch you can choose to resize your pictures by:

  • Setting a custom size to resize your pictures while ignoring the aspect ratio.
  • Shrinking or expanding the original picture by a certain percentage that will preserve the aspect ratio.
  • Fitting the picture within a certain frame size while preserving the aspect ratio.

As you can see, the latter two options are generally preferable due to the fact that they preserve the aspect ratio and so the picture won’t end up looking skewed. That being said, each of those options may come in handy in various situations.

Aside from resizing photos, you may also want to explore the other features of Movavi Photo Batch that will allow you to enhance the quality of your pictures, rename the file names, rotate and flip the orientation, and convert the image files to a different (and possibly more web-friendly) format.

With all these features at hand through Movavi Photo Batch, you should be able to not only resize your pictures for a website, but also improve them in other ways too.