A Number of Tactics to Amplify your Email Marketing Campaign

When we setup our online business, we are in it for money. Yes, that is the truth, an absolute truth! When corporations come into existence, they are there to maximize its shareholder’s wealth and while they are at it, also serve the customers.

Emails - A Number of Tactics to Amplify your Email Marketing Campaign

Although a business needs to identify public need and sentiment about a particular product or service, what lies underneath is the thirst for online presence which should be far and wide, in addition to making moolah.  

You have to ensure that you are at all times keeping up with the digital marketing trends. You cannot afford to lag behind and certainly keep your online presence afloat for very long either. Amidst, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram exist email marketing which, according to studies, results in 40% conversions alone the three aforesaid leading social media platforms.

So if you mean, you cannot choose to rule out email marketing out of the equation. Now let us delve in some of the ways we can optimize email marketing and leverage it to its full potential.

Spend Time And Craft A Masterpiece Of A Subject Line! 

When it comes to writing emails, it is often assumed that the crux of the email lies in its content whereas we tend to forget that formulating your subject line is equally crucial. Title hooks your targeted audience.

By hook it does not mean a click bait – lures into something else instead which is irrelevant to the subject line or the content does not correspond with the subject. There is a certain SOP that should be followed when writing subject lines such as you should have at least 20 subject lines at hand before settling with one.

Elsewhere experts are of the opinion that out of 20 (above), you should handpick top 5 subject lines to go with. And then pitch it your colleagues and social circle to get their opinion as to which they deem fit or most appropriate and in light of the consensus, go with that subject line.

The rule is no hard and fast, but it is one way to go about finalizing your subject line.

Resort to the Usage of Textfor Headlines As Opposed To Images 

It is true that people are more prone to images than text but it is still advisable to use text and refrain from resorting to imagery in headlines. Why? Because something which perhaps preferable does not necessarily mean is the right thing too.

If you aim to have conversions, you should construct emails by leaving out the images in place of text, factual data and the likes thereof. This solidifies that the email is a pure informational piece and not meant to distract and trick the audience into something they do not desire.

Time Emails to Perfection 

Timing is very important in all walks of life. So make sure the email is timed perfectly for the recipients and not targeted at any odd hour. There is no way to figure out when someone checks their email (not yet, at least) but some research into the matter reveals that people tend to check their emails 8-9 am or at 3 pm.

Similarly, it is not the time but it is also the day of the week which is important too. Therefore, on a Monday, at the start of the week – people are more inclined to play catch-up and does not scan their inboxes as well as towards the close on a Friday evening. Forget the weekends. So plan accordingly. Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday are the best days to shoot an email or emails in bulk.

Offer a Takeaway Which Speaks To Them 

Your target audience will receive emails which may not necessarily land in their inboxes and head straight to their spam folders. So even if they visit their spam folders, your email content should be such which is clearly communicating the objective and is transparent in its conduct that it compels them to make the purchase.

This is a craft few have mastered and those who do operates finest and rejoice in successful email marketing campaigns. Make sure that the CTA (call-to-action) is visible in the contents of your email. Formatting, in terms of color, font size etc. should also be appropriate.

If you are mindful of these aspects, the email will speak to your audience on a deeper level. They would be willing to spend their hard-earned dollar but you got to be willing to create such a compelling content. You can also couple it with certain incentives, for example, limited time offers.

Be Prepared To Monitor Email Traffic 

There are tools which can be utilized to gauge the strength of your email campaign. I mean who wouldn’t want to know what impact the tons of emails being sent is creating. Is it creating ripples or landing on deaf ears?

First off, you should integrate analytics tool to ascertain the data and yes you guessed it right, Google Analytics! Moreover, you can make use of software such as MailChimp that will bring the results to your doorstep. It will present with the breakdown of how much of your emails have been interacted with. With these stats, you can even tailor the contents of your email to shape the campaign as and when desired.


On a concluding note, I hope you have fun in bringing it all together and in turn, reap rewards on your investment. All the best!

Author Bio: Abbott is digital marketing expert. He loves to travel and writes Readydissertations.co.uk in his leisure time. You can follow him for updates on his social media profiles.

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