8 Possibilities Why Some Travel Magazines Lie in their Photographs

There’s a boom of recomposed photos in travel magazines and social media. In fact, several posts have exposed on just how photographers edit and recompose the reality in photos. As much as it’s interesting to see the transformation, it’s also quite stimulating to know the possibilities or reasons why they are doing that.


Seek Attention

Sharing articles that are purely text-based won’t make a big hit especially that readers nowadays have short attention spans. Picture that do not look thought-provoking do not deserve a second glance. More often, travel magazines’ editors and writers make sure that their posts consist of complementing pictures that make a scene—literally.

Inspire People

Magazine content are meant to inspire people, if not only educate readers. Showing pictures that do not make a spark or bring about the meaning of the context of articles just will not make the cut. Informative travel stories with tips and suggestions should be coupled with nice photographs that can tell stories on their own.

Show Creativity

Raw shots will make a world of a difference when they are edited in a fitting way. Photographs in travel magazines express the creativity of the traveler’s life. They reflect the window of his soul, so to speak, and readers feel the urge to embrace and absorb the imagination illustrated on every page.

Make Money

Sad to say, instead of exploring and searching for new and exciting places to shoot, most photojournalists now focus on getting the money. Travel photographers are rebranded as corporate or marketing photographers. There’s no use traveling long distances even by Toyota Fortuner in the Philippines when they do not submit tantalizing photos they get paid with.


Travel writing is not only about making money. For the most part, it is also largely marketing the name and characteristic of the photojournalist. Travel magazines are successful when they present wonderful shots and not only appealing stories. The truth is that the business practices 90 percent marketing through photos and only ten percent writing.

Make Stories Refreshing

In relation to marketing, the best way to hit the goal is to make the stories refreshing. There is little chance of making this happen without giving a twist to the whole scheme of the content. Since photographs make up a huge portion in magazine pages, travel publications tweak their pictures a lot to project a good story angle and dig for something refreshing to the readers’ eyes.

Relate to Readers

To make the journal entry relate to the readers more, making photos believable and relevant counts a lot. A good way is to search for trending topics online and look for similar photos. Editors don’t give up until photos they have for publication would stand out as something different but still relatable.

Abuse Filters

Places will surely look more attractive with filters. Increasing contrast, brightness, saturation, and even cropping images can bend the truth in stories as well. This is the expertise of digital artists who are experienced in photo editing tricks and the use of photographic filters to turn something ordinary into extraordinary.


From zooming in and out of photos or making the subjects in pictures seem more alive, travel magazines have their way of editing photographs beyond recognition. This is to make sure that their trips per recommendation look and sound as enviable as possible.

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Randolph Hoover and his family were originally from San Diego California but he is currently studying Business Administration in Umea University in Sweden. Aside from being a student, He also helps his parents with their home maintenance business in their home in Umea. He is also one of the marketing guy for Toyota Philippines.

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