7+ Benefits of Augmented Reality in Education Industry

Augmented Reality (AR) – We often connect the term with games and entertainment (all thanks to Pokemon Go). However, the potential of the technology is not confined to these two business areas. AR can revamp almost every business vertical, with Education on the top of the list.

Augmented Reality - 7+ Benefits of Augmented Reality in Education Industry

AR technology is bringing a major transformation in the Education system. It is giving the educators and students a break from the traditional system of using blackboards, powerpoint presentations, and overhead projectors while enhancing the quality and pace by which the education has been delivered and shared.

Wondering how? If so, this article will be a good read for you. Here, we will discuss the benefits of Augmented Reality in Education:-

Benefits of Augmented Reality in Education

Higher Accessibility

With AR technology, it is easier to connect different corners of the world and serve them with the ultimate learning experience. In simpler terms, the teachers and students can connect and give/offer education from anywhere and anytime.

This has come up as a perfect solution to bridge the gap between those who want to learn and those who can teach, which has been a major concern so far. And the best part is:- You need not get involved with some complex structures and environment. Having an AR-based mobile app is enough.

Interactive Experience

By immersing virtual elements into the real world, Augmented Reality enhances the students experience. They can see all the concepts with their eyes and interact with them. This helps to keep the students engaged as well as improves the chances to make the concepts clear to them. The students can learn easily and effectively with AR technology.

Upgraded Performance

It has also helped them to enhance the performance of the students. With every concepts visually available to the students, they can grasp the concepts more easily. They can learn beyond what has been written in the textbooks and learn at their own pace. This lower down the pressure on their mind and make them perform better.

Learn Beyond Limitations

With an AR enabled mobile application, the students can learn beyond what is written in their textbooks. They can see the things, buildings, and concepts virtually, which helps them to catch more details than provided in the books. For example, visiting the Egyptian Pyramids virtually will enable them to see the 3D view of the pyramids and discover the significant details. Besides, the Augmented Reality educational apps will show a short and effective detail attached with each element around. This will help them to grasp a detailed information beyond what is written in the textbooks, and that too in small chunks ensuring that they learn more.

Safer Learning and Training

Augmented Reality in education and training has made it easy to attend and learn from practical sessions of various risky and complicated concepts. For example, you can use the technology to get deeper insights about Mining, Earthquake, Aircraft engineering, Surgery, Nuclear fission and fusions, and more – and that too without being present there in real. You just have to pick your AR-based app and collect the insights from the virtual world created around you.

This has provided an escape from the risk of hazardous consequences, a result of which is students and trainees taking more interest into the concepts and technique, and putting their full potential into the process.

Education to Deaf/Blind Kids

Augmented Reality is also helping in rendering top-quality learning experience to deaf and hard-of-hearing students. The technology build interactive flashcards using the sign language, which helps them to easily understand the concepts easily and effectively. This way, they learn far easier and prepare themselves for a brighter career ahead.

It also scans the textbook elements and convert them to audio or video clips along with creating a touchable animated creation, helping the blind kids to easily access the knowledge.

Portable and Inexpensive

Another major reason to consider AR in education is that it is expensive and handy approach. Unlike the traditional educational methods and the VR headset, you need not invest in multiple complex or expensive elements, high-level skills, or make special arrangements to work with them. Anyone can create an AR experience and access it via mobile app using platforms like Metaverse AR platforms.

Better Business Promotion

AR is also helping the educational organizations to engage more prospects and make a better business. By showing their AR-based classrooms, they can gain the attention of the students and their parents and convince them for the excellence of their processes. In this way, they can prompt them to choose their institution over others’.

Now as you know the benefits of Augmented Reality in Education sector, what’s your next move? As per the market trends, the AR/VR market is likely to cross 1 Billion by 2020, which implies considering the reputed mobile app development agency is the need of the hour.

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