5 Little-Known Benefits of Leave Management System

It’s no easy feat for human resource personnel to manage employee leaves whilst adhering to the organization’s leave policy using some old school method. Moreover, dealing with all those frequent and frantic leave requests coming in from employees is sure to irk the people of HR department.

Leave Management

Now, what if I say that HR professionals can now reject or sanction leave requests on the go with just a few clicks? Sounds cool, isn’t it? Yes, it is quite possible today with the advent of cloud based leave software, as it keeps a track of employee leaves automatically thus, saving HR from the tedious admin task of maintaining the same manually. Most importantly, it provides the much-needed transparency thereby, eradicating any inconsistencies in payroll calculations.

Here are few salient features of having a cloud based time and leave software:

  • Error-free Leave Data available at Fingertips

With a cloud based and automated leave management software, HR folks can enjoy quick access to all the information related to an employee’s leave requests, leave trends, balance leaves, etc. Furthermore, as all this data is available on a centralized cloud database, instantaneous access to the required data is never a hindrance even when on the go. This eliminates the cumbersome and manual task of navigating through heaps of spreadsheets and files thus, saving great deal of efforts and time for HR personnel. Eureka! Brace yourself for a productive HR department.

  • Full Compliance to Leave Policy

An online leave software when customized per your company’s specific leave policy ensures total compliance, as it automates the entire process of leave management thus, leaving no room whatsoever for discrepancies and errors. Bid farewell to qualms resulting due to favoritism when rejecting or approving leaves of employees.

  • Check Employee availability at the click of a button

For team leaders and managers, it is important to know the availability of their fellow team members at any given point of time. A cloud based leave software empowers managers and team leaders to check employee availability on the run from their smartphones. No more need to ringing up the HR department to ascertain the availability of a particular employee.

  • Enjoy transparency like never before

With all the data pertaining to employee leaves available online at fingertips, the entire process of leave management turns easier and transparent. On the other hand, employee self service portal or app, which is a staple with most of the leave management software these days, employees get the liberty to apply for leaves, check leave balance, leave history, approved/rejected leaves, etc. on the run from their handheld devices.

  • Adherence to Labor and Employment Laws

Every business has to abide by laws pertaining to employment and labor, which varies from country and country and state to state. It is mandatory for businesses to abide by these laws. Failing to adhering might incur liability damages and costly penalties for a business. Nevertheless, businesses can now keep away from these problems with the help of a cloud based time and attendance management system for taking care of employee leaves, time and attendance whilst assuring full compliance to the specified labor laws.


All the above-mentioned benefits are few major reasons why a whopping number of organizations are shunning the archaic methods and tools for leave management and embracing online leave management software. It’s time to bid adieu to the tedious spreadsheet management and the need to hopping from one cabinet to the other for extracting employee time and leave data. On the other hand, employee self service portal makes it a win-win situation for both employers as well as employees.

Author bio:
Anwar Shaikh writes about human resource management, Payroll software in India. A self-made and reared up writer, Anwar writes for Pocket HCM, a leading provider of cloud based employee and leave management software to businesses of all sizes and verticals across India.

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