5 interesting facts & truths about Panic attacks

A panic attack is basically a sudden surge of some overwhelming feelings including anxiety and fear. Your heart pounds badly and you can’t breathe easily. You may feel like you’re dying or will go crazy. And if it left untreated, then panic attacks can ultimately lead to severe panic disorders and many other problems. They can also cause you to withdraw from your routine activities. But it’s also true that panic attacks can be easily cured and the sooner you will seek help, the better it will be. So with proper treatment, you can easily eliminate the severe symptoms of panic and can efficiently regain control of your life.

Panic Attack

Have a look at some interesting facts & truths about panic attacks, so that you can get some details if you are one of those experiencing this.

1. Panic attacks are not out of the blue!

Many people usually think that these panic attacks just occur out of nowhere or without any prior symptom. But according to some recent findings this is not the true case, because there are different physiological changes take place in our body just a few hours before they occur.

2. It affects every person:

There are different people who still believe and used to think that these panic disorders affect only little kids, but actually it is now known that they affect everyone from little to older. No matter if you are of different races or ages, it will happen if the situations are out of order. It greatly affects people of all classes, races and ages.

3. Regular exercising prevents panic attacks:

People who use to exercise regularly are basically less prone to them. If you have developed a regular physical activity, then it will surely help you if you are even at a higher risk, as the daily exercises greatly reduce their susceptibility to these panic attacks.

4. They are not dangerous:

All panic attacks are not at all dangerous. However, stressful happenings, frequent worrying and lots of tensions will certainly have multiple negative effects on your entire immune system. And at the end, they probably cause great sickness. Your body is quite strong and can easily withstand a lot.

5. They can be hereditary & genetic as well:

According to recent researches on panic attacks, it has been shown that there are different hereditary and genetic traits that can predispose all individuals to these severe attacks. Therefore, people relatives with this same condition are actually more susceptible to have them as compared to those whose relatives have never affected by this condition. But obviously, this does not necessarily mean that it is a must have condition for you to experience them in your life.


From all the above mentioned facts, it can be seen that these panic attacks are not as serious as different people consider it to be. By having some right information, taking good care, and taking some correct steps about panic attacks can easily be averted.

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