5 Best Natural Methods for Male Enhancement

How to add inches? It may seem like a pertinent question that men ask around the world. Advertisers urge men to consider many pills and creams which are nothing but scams. “Male enhancement” studies have shown that surgical methods or invasive techniques are dangerous compared to natural techniques. The studies also suggest that natural methods are safe and may help to increase the size and confidence.

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Do men need size enhancement techniques? Research shows that most men who worry about their size have normal penis size. Peer pressure, society, advertisements and media may thwart men’s perception of what is normal. However, many such men are willing to do anything to increase the size. Natural methods for male enhancement can be the safest option for them.

  1. Natural male enhancement exercises

Before considering exercise as a natural method of male enhancement, men should be aware that none of the studies is conclusive about the benefits of penile muscle exercises. However, men who do not wish to take pills or use creams; prefer penis enlargement exercises. Some of such exercises are:

  • Stretching- Stretching the penile muscles is supposedly beneficial for blood circulation. The flaccid penis is lifted and held in a horizontal position for few seconds to bring it back to its initial position. Practising stretching exercise for five counts per day is claimed to be beneficial.
  • Jelquing- Jelquing is a very popular male enhancement exercise that is believed to increase the circulation of blood. Jelquing involves inserting a lubricated penis in between thumb and forefinger that is being held in OK sign. The penis is pulled from its base along with shaft length to stop at its head. It is advised to begin with hundred strokes a day and slowly increase to five hundred counts per day.
  • Ballooning- Ballooning is believed to increase the size by developing the spongy tissues in the penis. The ballooning technique involves controlling the desire to ejaculate during orgasm by placing palm on the penis head.
  1. Weight loss

Experts suggest that losing weight is one of the genuine ways to natural male enhancement.According latest weight loss news & tips weightloss plan is safe and beneficial to overall health. According to Jennifer Berman, MD-Urologist in Beverly Hills who has co-authored Secrets of sexually satisfied women, men who think about their size as small are overweight.

Losing belly fat can make a difference to the length of the shaft. Losing weight increases the size of the penis visually.

  1. Healthy blood circulation

Maintaining a balanced and healthy lifestyle with regular physical exercise routines can increase the blood circulation in the body which contributes to better erections in men.

  • Drinking plenty of plain water and reducing the consumption of alcohol improves the blood circulation in the body.
  • Regular walks and exercise routine can significantly increase the blood circulation.
  • Excess stress can have a negative impact on the blood circulation. For a better sex life, stress should be managed efficiently.
  1. Healthy eating

Healthy eating habit is one of the most efficient natural male enhancement techniques. A high fibre diet may not add extra inches but it can certainly increase the sex drive.

  • Studies have shown that regular intake of coffee can have beneficial effects on Erectile Dysfunction.
  • Libido boosters such as oysters and salmon can lead to better sexual performance.
  • The aphrodisiacs such as figs, bananas and avocados are known to improve the quality of sex life.
  • Restricting the intake of processed food can improve sexual health in males.
  • Consuming fresh fruits and vegetables can lead to better libido.

Male enhancement devices

Penis size can also be increased by using certain devices that are designed to stretch the penile muscles. These devices can be uncomfortable as they have to be worn for long hours.

  • Penis pumps- Penis pumps are made of plastic tubes with a pump to expel the air out of the tube. Penis pumps are Penis pumps are designed to create a partial vacuum around the penis. The blood is drawn into the penis to build erection. Penis pumps increase the size of the penis temporarily.
  • Cock rings- Cock rings are used to maintain erections; however they can also be used to increase the size of the penis temporarily. Cock rings are made of rubber. The ring limits the blood flow of the vein on the leading to erection.


There is no single proven technique that can increase the size of a penis. However, men who worry about their size can try safe and natural male enhancement techniques that may or may not provide positive results. According to many experts, men who worry about their size have an altered perception of what is normal. Any size is great as long as both the partners are happy and pleased with each other. Size does not matter.


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