4 Tips On How To Look Dashing

Contrary to the popular opinion, you don’t have to look like a male model to be dashing. Here are some tips and tricks you can resort to if you want to be perceived as more handsome!


  1. Smile More

A lovely smile has never hurt anyone, trust me. Moreover, you can actually benefit from it quite a bit. Practice in front of the mirror until you become a complete charmer. Realize, though, a beautiful, genuine smile is not the same as a cocky, smug smirk. You aim for the first one, not the latter! 

  • Take care of your pearly whites. Brush your teeth two times a day as well as floss on a daily basis. It will prevent your teeth from acquiring an unpleasant yellowish hue as well as protect your canines from cavities and possible decay. Apart from it, make sure to schedule regular appointments with your dentist to get your pearly whites cleaned professionally!
  • Whiten your teeth. Even with proper care, your canines still need some brightening once in awhile. Look up the ways to whiten them and choose the one suitable for your situation and your financial state. You can start with the cheaper and milder DIY methods and go up to the professional whitening. Consult your doctor if you are not sure which one to opt for.
  1. Be Kind

Assholes are attractive only in fiction. In reality, most women prefer kindhearted men, who are not afraid to show their emotions and be romantic. For some being this way is easy, for others – not so much. However, here are three requirements you should fit regardless.

  • Be polite. Rudeness is not hot, and no one likes an ill-mannered douche bag. To avoid being perceived as one, always make sure to be respectful to people around you no matter what happens. Take note: being polite does not mean acting like a doormat. You need to find the golden middle between knowing what you want and how to get it and keeping respectful.
  • Always stay a gentleman. It does not matter whether you are dealing with an older lady or a modern day feminist. It also does not matter whether you are at a formal event or in a bar. Either way, you should always remain a gentleman, regardless of the situation you are in.
  • Don’t be a bully. Picking on others and judging them is neither nice nor appealing. It also does not make you look cool or successful. We highly suggest ditching this mentality as soon as possible.
  1. Look Dapper

Looking stylish is a sure way to being dashing. There are several tips you should follow if you want to attain this goal, though.

  • Start building a new wardrobe. Look through your closet and determine which items can be used and which are too old, too ragged, or too out of style. You can also feel free to throw finally away the items you never liked. There is no chance in hell you are going to look good in something you don’t like (unless your taste sucks, of course).
  • Research the current trends and see what you like. After you’ve thrown everything you deem unfitting down the chute, start researching the current trends and different style icons. Find something or someone you like and stick to this direction. Scout out your local stores and boutiques and look for the clothing you might enjoy.
  • Get your clothes fitted. After buying the desired items, make sure to get them fitted properly. Tailoring services are not expensive but very effective.
  • Don’t be afraid to accessorize. Accessories do a great job of making your outfits more dapper. Don’t be afraid to utilize them to improve your style!
  • Turn to the Manhattan hair professionals. If you want to look fashionable, consider visiting a high-end barber shop. The professionals there will be able to give you advice on the haircuts and hairstyles, which will be suitable for your hair, personality, and wishes.
  1. Smell Nice

Your scent is one of your most attractive features. Because of it, you need to make sure your hygiene is immaculate, and your cologne is on point.

  • Find a fragrance. Look for the scents with deeper, richer undertones. Ocean freshness is largely overrated. Opt for warm and musky scents instead.
  • Learn to wear it properly. Dousing yourself and your clothes in cologne is not an appropriate way to wear a scent. Sprinkle a little bit of the product on your neck, chest, and insides of your elbows instead.

Follow these simple tips if you want to look dashing!

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