2017’s Most Important SEO Tips

The world of SEO is constantly evolving as search engines strive to provide their visitors with the most relevant results for their enquiries. Even the best-performing websites need to keep on top of their SEO strategies, changing and adapting as the search engines refine and alter their algorithms. Make sure that your website stays on top with the help of these five tips.

SEO Structure - 2017's Most Important SEO Tips

Create Supporting Content for Key Visitor Areas

Google loves websites that provide high-quality information to visitors, and this doesn’t just mean focussing on your high-traffic pages. Build support hubs of information around a topic that leads back to your key pages, letting Google know that you can provide a wealth of relevant information to keep even the fussiest visitors happy.

Build High-Quality Links 

Search engines love links, but they have to be the right sort of links, according to Search Engine Land. Spammy links will actually get your site marked down in the rankings, so aim for quality over quantity, and ensure they come from reputable companies and organisations for extra credibility.

Create Content That Engages Your Audience 

Anyone can write content, but writing great content is an art. Your aim is to keep visitors on your site for long enough to engage with your brand and, ultimately, to make a purchase. Clever use of audio, video and images can help to reinforce your message and make your site more appealing to visitors too.

Add Real Value to Your Brand 

You need to establish your brand as trustworthy and desirable, so do everything that you possibly can to reinforce this message. Aim to provide your website visitors with added value wherever possible in the form of ‘How To’ articles, product descriptions, explanatory videos and anything that you can think of to encourage visitors to engage with your business on a deeper level.

Make Your Listing Too Desirable to Ignore 

Your page title and meta-description appear in the search engine results, so spend time ensuring that they encourage people to click through to your site. This is so important that it’s worth asking for professional assistance to improve your prospects You can source a great professional London web design company, such as Redsnapper London web development company, to make your site appear more attractive than that of your competitors in the listings and ensure great results.

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