11 Coffee Brews for the Cold Weather

Acquiring a new residential area is a life changing moment because you will live away from a place you were used to, you get to meet new people, and you will go to different places from now on. Living in one of the best cities in the country gives you an atmosphere that is cooler compared to the metro, so grabbing a cup of coffee gives you a cozy and warm feeling. See a number of recommended coffee brews that is perfect for the cold weather.

hot coffee

Hot drinks

Coffee is usually classified as hot drinks which makes it a perfect companion during the cold season. Check out this list of caffeine to know which suits your preference the best. You can also explore other coffees you haven’t tried and make a list whether you like them or not!

  • Café Latte

This coffee is simply known as a “latte,” it is made out of an espresso shot mixed with steamed milk and micro-foam added on top of your coffee. This is recommended for drinkers who prefer that “oomph” of caffeine with a little sweetness.

  • Cappuccino

Cappuccino is usually compared to lattes but the difference is how there is much more foam in cappuccinos compared to lattes and there are sprinkles of chocolate on top as well.

  • Espresso

Coffee would probably be nonexistent without the discovery of espressos because it is known as the foundation of all espresso based drinks. Another term of espresso is “short black.” Anyone who needs that pump up should have a shot of espresso to feel that energy kick instantly.

  • Macchiato

The only difference of espressos and macchiatos is its dollop steamed milk and foam on top of a shot of espresso. This drink is popularly known to have three layers which consist of a bottom dark layer, a medium-dark colored middle layer, and the lightest color is on the top layer.

  • Americano

To drink this popular drink, simply mix a shot of espresso with hot water. It’s a somewhat lighter version of the espresso drink itself.

  • Flat white

Flat white is commonly known in Australia and New Zealand but some coffee shops have this drink. It is made from the same ingredients of cappuccinos but does not have foam or chocolate on top, hence its name flat white.

  • Mocha

Chocolate lovers will enjoy this drink because it is a perfect combination of cappuccino and hot chocolate. Chocolate powder is also added on top of steam milk and micro-foam. The bitterness of coffee and the sweetness of chocolate are surely nice.

  • Cortado

It is made from an espresso cut and with the similar amount of steamed milk. Cortado is somewhat comparable with café latte.

cold coffee

Cold drinks

There are people out there who prefer to have cold drinks or treats even if the weather is cold.

  • Frappuccino

There is an option to get a Frappuccino based drink with all the hot drinks previously mentioned. It is simply cold, stirred, or ice-shaken drinks version of the coffee brews.

  • Iced Coffee

Reading and understanding as it is, the hot-based coffee brews are simply put in ice – thus, iced coffee!

  • Affogato

The last cold coffee brew is affogato, it is a coffee-based dessert where a scoop of vanilla ice cream is poured with hot espresso. This is a uniquely tasteful treat to have.

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