10 Best Places to Visit in India in the Year 2019   

There are an array of places in India, which are actually worth a visit for the reason that India is a nation full of natural splendour and primeval architecture.  Below is the list of cities, you need to visit this year when in India.

Pondicherry - 10 Best Places to Visit in India in the Year 2019   


The French town of India, Pondicherry is a union territory state, which is vivacious and is somewhat equivalent to the east coast of Australia due to the scenic Chennai-Pondicherry highway that has lots of stunning beaches on it. So, what are you waiting for? Take a trip to Pondicherry.

Andaman and Nicobar Islands 

Another offbeat travel destination is Andaman’s, which is pompously a part of Indian sub-continent. It is a small island town is full of crystal clear seashores and greatly different cuisine that anybody can fall in love with.


A town that has gained massive in the last few years or so is Coorg primarily because of its prolific green coffee and tea plantations and is also acknowledged as the Scotland of Southern part of India. This south Indian metropolis is perfect for those long strolls in nature.

Bada Bagh Jaislamer - 10 Best Places to Visit in India in the Year 2019   


The golden city of India has constantly gained the first spot amongst desert lovers due to Sam sand Dunes within the Thar Desert. Aside from that camel safari and gypsy folk dance are other attractions, which are only available here.


If there is heaven on mother earth then it is in Kashmir a hilly city full of sacred shrines and flourishing green forests. Srinagar has a reasonably cool temperature all year long and provides an array of vegetarian and non-vegetarian cuisines.


If you are bored from Goa then do travel to Varkala wherein you would enormous crowd, astonishing sunrise and sunset and an assortment of other adventure activities like paragliding.

Ladakh - 10 Best Places to Visit in India in the Year 2019   

Leh Ladakh

When it comes to hills a place that comes into everybody’s mind is Leh Ladakh for the reason that it is on the bucket list of every solo traveller primarily because of the picturesque terrain. The vicinity is full of high altitude mountain passes and uncharted Tibetan customs and cuisines that is up till now to be travelled by most of us.


Mcleodganj is a Buddhist town where you need to head to, if you are in hunt for a bit of peace of mind because it is without a doubt a paradise in the hills. Home to the great Dalai Lama, this metropolis has got wonderful cafes where in you will love to sip in quite a lot of organic drinks, and if not then you can even join a meditation class to cleanse you mind.


Said to be the official party capital for backpackers from all across the world, Goa is a beach city with an endless number of beaches and miraculous waterfalls. The place has a deep influence of Portuguese culture and dishes, which is one of the major reasons why you would find foreigners all over the place.

Udaipur - 10 Best Places to Visit in India in the Year 2019   


Distinguished as the Venice of the East, It is a city full of surprises from lakes to mountains to spendthrift royal palaces. On top of that, the local markets in Udaipur full of vibrant colours from outfits to handicrafts everything is pulsating, do take a trip to Rajasthan. If you want to read more about these travel attractions then take a look at BeyondRoad.

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